Good quality CD jewel cases

Does anyone know where to buy (online) good quality CD jewel cases? We have purchased several online, unfortunately all are flimsy, unlike the original ones that come when you buy a CD.

Sounds Wholesale
These are the genuine ones.

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That’s expensive.

It would be cheaper going to your local charity shop and buying 10 classical CD’s at 50 new pence each. Then binning the CD’s.

The quality of most classical CD cases is top notch.

There are cheaper prices the more you buy.
Not really planet friendly buying stuff to bin and the hassle.
Not to mention depriving someone that might like what you buy to bin :roll_eyes:

Recycling old unwanted Jewel cases is obviously more planet friendly than manufacturing new cases.

Most Classical CD’s are not in demand, most will end up in the tip anyway.

These DG cases in the auction below will be top notch. 9 for £5.55. Bargain.

You must be a blast at parties.
The ones I listed are the most expensive and smallest quantity.
Brand new and the proper cases with no postage extra to pay.
And also no hassle taking out what you don’t want and then recycling the rubbish.
The ones you linked to are a current rising auction and also adds over £3 postage.
I’m done with this your logic doesn’t add up.

I use unbreakable/shatterproof jewel cases and am very happy with them. No more broken lids or claws.
Unfortunately the supplier i used seems to have ceased trading since covid , so just do a search to find a supplier.

Are you having a party now? How much have you been drinking?

I linked to an Ended Auction £2.30 plus £3.35 postage.

@Richard.Dane I didn’t think linking to an ended auction was a problem.

No links to eBay please, thanks.

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I only tried to help. :roll_eyes:

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I’d support the charity shop route, for three reasons:

  1. Some of your money goes to a worthwhile cause, rather than Some Bloke On eBay

  2. It’s cheaper: the charity shops near me don’t seem to be able to give CDs away at the moment (three for £1, anyone?)

  3. Given reason 2), it’s probably only a matter of time before the shops give up on their remaining CDs and send them all to landfill, so the cases might as well be put to good use, since they’ve been manufactured already.


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Buy the good classical CD cases, put your CDs in them, put the classical CDs in the broken cases, send them to Skeptikal, at his cost.

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