Good quality, Flexible Ethernet cable - suggestions please!

I’m currently using Blue Jeans Cat6a ethernet cables for connecting my wall ethernet point, ND555, Core and switch. Very happy with the sound, but in a new installation I’m finding the cable stiffness to be problematic in achieving tidy, unstressed connections, so I’m seeking advice from the forum on a decent quality, much more flexible alternative please.
Do I need to drop down to Cat 5e (happy to do so) to get more flexibility or are there alternative, more flexible Cat6 cables available now?
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I have cut and re terminated long flexible patch leads to suit in the past, although I usually cope with standard fixed install cable types.

Shielding is probably the main thing that makes a cable stiff, and you don’t really need it so Cat5e UTP is probably your best bet. Patch cables use thinner, more flexible copper which may or may not make cable dressing any easier.

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Agree with Chris, the screen makes a cable less flexible.
Plus I’m not convinced a screen does anything that significant but has potential for some negatives.
I have BJC Cat6 on my wireless hub branch, it’s flexible and can take a x4 cable diameter bend radius.
Photo shows a natural unforced bend


Another BJC cat6 user here. More flexible than a Meicord I also use in my system.

Try the Belden CatSnake. I’m using BJC up to my switch and then 1m of Belden to the streamer. It’s thick but quite rubbery and flexible. I have a length of AQ Vodka on loan at the moment and you could tie ships up with that stuff!

Although there is no indication I have found the Belden Catsnake to be directional. Discernible by a more solid bass and even sound when it’s the right way round. I’ve been listening to the Vodka for about 10 days but find myself still preferring the overall balance and general musicality of Catsnake compared to the Vodka. I’m a heretic, I know!

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Have a look at the Van Damme range on the designacable website. Very good value.

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Extremely flexible.
I installed 35 metres of that cable.

2 x Viablue cat.7
2 x High quality industrial cat.7

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