Google infringed on five Sonos patents

Including Chromecast

Back when Google started I was somewhat a fan of the company and their motto ‘Don’t do Evil’… however this was back at the start of the century before it decided to chase the billions (money and users). Now I view them in much the same way as Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/&c. i.e. money grabbing so-and-so’s that will do what ever it takes to earn another billion (money and users) :frowning:

We (my company) still stick to the philosophy of treat the customer as we would expect to be treated and don’t try to up sell them. Maybe this is why, after 30 years, we aren’t a ‘listed’ company and we’re not super rich :frowning:


All these companies are scary imo, they’re huge and they make big money on selling everything about us to whoever pays the most. Try finding someone to to actually speak to if you have a compliant. I thought I’d closed my account with FB about 5 years ago, my daughter told me I’m still there. When I tried to sign in to delete everything they wanted 3 current members to acknowledge me (as I hadn’t signed in for years) 2 of the 3 people they suggested are dead.

They’re faceless and soulless.


Aside from Google Maps which can be useful occasionally I have pretty much removed Google and Amazon from my life. Facebook was never in my life.

Power corrupts in any shape or form…

In a connected world it’s unavoidable to deal with these companies though. Our best bet is probably to vote for political parties that oppose corporate monopolies / oligopolies and force them to break up into smaller companies.

P.s. the patents in question deal with multiroom operation:

Systems and methods for synchronizing operations among a plurality of independently clocked digital data processing devices

Some of the patents:

  • Maintaining synchrony of operations among a plurality of devices that have independent clocking arrangements
  • Method and apparatus for adjusting volume levels in a multi-zone system

It could be that Naim streamers are also be affected by this.

Do we know whether Sonos is looking for an injunction or royalties (money damages)?

By the way, Sonos also claims that Amazon violated its patents.

Ultimately the bigger problem for Sonos is that they’ve urinated away any market advantage they had in being near first to market with rock solid wi-fi and a great app. This is just part of a wider fight they now have to retain their market.

It is a preliminary ruling by the judge. Sonos is asking for an import ban (to the US) for a number of products, including the Chromecast and Pixel. My guess just to get a better settlement.

That’s right. Forgot that part of the article. Seems Sonos brought claims both before a Federal Court and the International Trade Commission. The ITC seems to work faster, although the remedy seems somewhat more limited. However, it could lead to an early settlement.

Someone suggested that this could affect Naim products - presumably those that are ChromeCast enabled. The reference was to syncing multi-zone. As a new Naim owner (bought a Muso and a Nova this year), I’m curious as to whether Naim uses Google technology for that or its own. For instance, I assume I can sync two rooms playing from Tidal. Is there any Google technology utilized to do that?

If I am getting too far into proprietary information, please excuse me.

There are many proprietary multiroom systems out there. Naim can use those from Chromecast, AirPlay or Roon, but also have their own multiroom capability built into the streamer firmware. Perhaps any of these could be targets for Sonos.

From what I’ve read, they’ve already gone after Denon and Bluesound (Lenbrook). Apparently both cases were settled.

Perhaps they (Sonos) see this as their future, primary, revenue stream: Just sue other users of multi-room and settle on damages. Good work if you can get it. :wink:

Maybe Google will buy them out in order to obtain their patent claims against Amazon. :money_mouth_face:

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