Google Nest mini 2 to voice control music via Chromecast on Uniti Nova

Does anyone use this setup to access voice controlled music?

Yes, for occasional background music and radio listening. For critical listening I stick with streaming from my NAS using the Naim app… It works fine, have you tried it?

So the intention is to access my Spotify account and I was considering an Echo dot with a 3.5mm audio output into one of the analogue inputs on the back of the Nova. However, if I can easily access Spotify through Google assistant instruction on a Nest Mini 2, then using Chromecast is surely going to sound better using the Nova DAC. How easy is it to set up?

Sorry, to answer your original question, no I haven’t because I haven’t yet bought one. I know it will work with the Echo dot, so that is the safe option, but I didn’t want to buy a Nest Mini 2 only to find out it didn’t work and then have to return it.

In the device settings of the Google Nest mini, there is a default speaker setting. You set this to be the name of the Chromecast device so that when you say Ok Google, Play X, it will play on the Chromecast. Setting up Spotify, Deezer etc is straightforward in the same Google Home app.

I have the Chromecast using a digital optical input to my streamer and it is great for the small outlay.

I should add that I am using a Chromecast audio device with optical output rather that a Chromecast with hdmi but both devices are available to be used as a default speaker.

OK, so you are using a Chromecast audio device as well? I thought the Nest could be used to activate the chromecast option on the Nova, removing the need for a wire connecting the Nest to the Nova.

I have a legacy Naim streamer so don’t have that option so need a separate wired device.

OK thanks, I guess I’ll give it a punt for 30 squid.

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