Got £30 (ish) to spend on Kraftwerk

OK chaps, my Bro sent me a “birthday thirty quid” to spend on Amazon, and I’ve decided I need some more Kraftwerk CDs!

I already have Autobahn…who hasn’t? :grinning:

So help me choose my next three Kraftwerk CDs!

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Man Machine, Computer World and either Trans Europe Express or Radio Activity

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Man Machine, Radioactivity and Tour De France…

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Yeah, I’m thinking at least TEE & MM, but was also wondering about TdF.

I’ll almost certainly end up with most of their “greats”, but which to buy first :slight_smile: after all, I can only listen to one CD at a time, and I also have six CDs from those Welsh rockers Man and some 10cc as well (it was a good b’day music-wise, this year :slight_smile: )

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Got to be Man Machine for Metropolis alone

Not one I know well…but it appears to be on yootoob …shocked

I guess it depends on the format you want, but you could buy 3-D The Catalogue. It has a cross section of all periods. I like everything but their sound has changed so much since some of those early albums. But just saw the hi-res version is a budget busting £69 on Qobuz.
If it were me at £30, I’d like Man Machine, Computer World and Trans Europe Express. But the live album Minimum Maximum is great too. Gosh, this is harder than recommending a Naim upgrade path!

Upgrading Naim is easy…52, 52PS & as many 135s as your SNAXO-SC can take… LOL.
(all “Olives”, naturally)

So far my thinking is: Man Machine, TEE, & TdF.

And the rest to follow at Xmas :laughing:

The Mix.

Maximum minimum is a nice collection of Kraftwerk songs - highly recommended.

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Get them from Amazon DE, they sound Sooooo much better in the German language…IMHO!

I’d say man machine, computer world and trans Europe express.

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I created a similar thread just after their founder died and ended up with the live album Maximum Minimum. It is fantastic, and I don’t normally like live albums!

I actually didn’t feel I needed any others.


My 2cd Maximum Minimum is odd in that the cd pressings are incorrect. CD1 has the cd2 tracks on it and vice versa.


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Minimum Maximum is the one I’d get. I’ve got them all but these live recordings are just brilliant. The opening of Radioactivity, played very loud, is particularly wonderful. As to the original albums, The Man Machine and Computer World are particularly good.

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That’ll be because you have a special copy. Everyone else has Minimum Maximum!


…just beat me too it!

It was my little joke. Epic fail obv (as my youngest always says about my attempts at humour)


Yup, epic fail! And then you have me and Bruce trying to be clever and failing too because we missed the joke!

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For the avoidance of doubt, the cd’s are actually pressed incorrectly!