Got £30 (ish) to spend on Kraftwerk

I’m going to start with the studio albums. So, I have just ordered Man Machine, Computer World, and TEE.

Looks like they remastered (all ?) the Albums in 2009, so I will have to (re)acquire Autobahn as well.

And I see there’s a new live album due out soon - ah well, there goes another bit more of the kids inheritance :laughing:

It’ll be interesting to compare them musically with all of my Tangerine Dream albums.

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Good choices!

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That live album release is a concert from 1970, before the Kraftwerk we know today. It’s not on Kraftwerk’s Kling Klang record label so I’d say not an official release.

Happy birthday!

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MM, TEE and Radioactivity. Definitely not Tour De France. I’d rather Thd Mix over that.

There’s controversy over how much (or if at all) the remasters improved the sound of the originals, so don’t get rid of your old Autobahn yet! I found the noise-gating on the remasters quite distracting, for example at the beginning of Geiger Counter.

The Mix comes in for a lot of moaning from those who don’t regard it as a proper Kraftwerk album, but I think the reimagining of several tracks is great. I think Radioactivity, for example, is vastly better on The Mix. There’s some cracking sub-bass on The Robots too!


For me Ralf and Florian, Radio Activity, Autobahn, TEE, Man Machine and then give yourself a challenge of getting into 1 and 2. Then pick up Neu!’s first album and Michael Rother’s solo box set which has just been released.

If you want to hear how Kraftserk sound live then The Mix is the way to go. I totally agree re: the remasters. Largely to be avoided.

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“Neu you’re talking!” (sorry 'bout that. I’ll get me coat}

I’ve had NEU! downloaded for some time - 7Digital were/are doing a job lot for nine quid (16/44 flac) - 1, 2, '75, '86 (reworked 4), and three live tracks from May 1972 (“Avantgarde History”?).

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6 man albums, which ones

The Original Albums box set:
Do You Like It Here, Are You Settling In
Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day
Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics
Slow Motion

& separately

Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth.

I had considered getting Padget Rooms as part of Original Albums Vol. 2, which includes:
Greasy Truckers
Back Into The Future
Christmas At The Patti
Live At The Padget Rooms
Maximum Darkness

…but I already had the first 3 on CD, and Xmas at the Patti on 10" vinyl!

I was given a vinyl copy of live at the padget rooms, but alas it was unplayable, still on my radar. nice collection you’ve got there, wish they were available on vinyl.