GPS Jamming

Jamming activity will take place 17 – 28 August 2020 , affecting airspace above Wales and the SW of England .

The activity may affect GNSS navigation and precision timing devices including electronic situational awareness devices and UAVs (drones).

Jamming may impact GNSS signals up to 40,000FT AMSL within 62NM of N52° 00’ 53”, W003° 38’ 31” (Sennybridge).

During the trials systems relying on GNSS reception may suffer intermittent or total failure.

Activity restricted between 0900 1800 BST

For further information email:

Emergency cease jamming contact: 01874 635599 or 01980 953785

If “They” can do it, makes you wonder who else can/will do it.
Many systems will still be able to use cell-net triangulation, even though that isn’t very precise.

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This is not so unusual - see it quite a lot with MOD exercises over the years. It is often is Scotland but can occur elsewhere as here.
At least it has to be announced through Ofcom.

The affect can be roughly similar to a solar CME where GPS reception will fail.

Given that mucking around with GPS transmissions is something that at least one or two major foreign powers would be very keen to be able to do due to the enormous disruption it would cause, I’m very glad that this suggests ‘they’ might be working on such a scenario.

Alternatively, Sennybridge is a major Army training area, so this could also be scheduled so that exercise participants aren’t able to covertly use GPS devices.

For me, Sennybridge will always be where my feet were once the coldest they’ve ever been.


Okehampton camp is where my feet were the coldest!

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Oh yes - been there too! I would say ‘happy memories’, but…

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