Graham Hydra Cable

This might sound like a noob question but do these Hydra cables only work well for your system if you live in the UK or are they also beneficial in you live in the EU?

I have one. I can’t say for sure how effective it is, I bought one when I had enough of all different cables. Bought new snaics and a Grahams Hydra. The whole operation was good, it sorted out all kind of problems with my system and I have been a happy user since. Grahams provide the shuko version for a modest extra fee - thats the one I have.


No shame there.

But as a UK Grahams Hydra owner I can’t help. Works great in my set though.

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Your best bet it to give them a call. They’ve always been very helpful and friendly.

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just FYI to consider, in the EU the Music Line PowerIgel may be an option for you. Follows the same basic principle as far as I know and Music Line is the German Naim distributor.

Yeah but It is also much more expensive than the graham hydra

There s also one with the regular Naim cables instead of the Power-Lines, this one as well? Might be. Anyways, not everyone knows about the option so I just though I’d mention it. I am very happy with mine

Even the version with regular Naim cables is much more expensive than the Graham Hydra.
200 pound for a six leads Hydra vs 775 pound for the Powerigel…

I see. At least you will avoid the eye sore that the Igel is :sunglasses:

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I live in Poland, I have a Grahams Hydra specially made up for me with a good quality shuko EU plug. Just give them a call - I think they have supplied loads abroad.

In my system, the difference was dramatic (enough cliches). Better clarity, especially in the bass, more detailed treble. Best 200 quid I’ve spent on Hi-Fi (4 heads, shuko plug adds a bit to regular cost).


Would using a Graham Hydra (direct into the wall) sound better than plugging my devices into a Wireworld Matrix 2?

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I had an 8 way hydra in the UK and swapped the UK plug for a good quality shuko when I emigrated to the Czech Republic. I can’t say that I noticed any performance change at all.

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I just received my Graham 3-1 cable and I must say it really is an upgrade over two standard (EU) cables plugged directly into the wall.
1 wire is not connected as I didn’t buy the third box yet. So far I am very impressed with how much improvement this relatively cheap cable brings to the table!


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