Grammy Awards

The Grammys get handed out tonight. I’ve noticed a couple of forum favourites in the list, Lana Del Rey is up for both best album and best single for Norman F***ing Rockwell, and The Girl From Chickasaw County is up for best historical album.
I’ve had a look through the nominations and will Tidalise a few that look interesting.

Billie Eilish is excellent.

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I watched the Grammys last night and was disappointed that we didn’t see more musicians and singers representative of all age groups. Several things that I definitely didn’t care for and was wondering what the hell they were even doing on the show was Ariana Grande bouncing around singing a Mary Poppins song looking like she’s doing a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Over here in the US we have all this don’t ask don’t tell me too and body shaming and harassment policies. As if that wasn’t enough you had Joy Villa whoever she is wearing a red dress in support of Donald Trump. Maybe it’s time for a rock and roll or folk-rock themed award show. Adele would out sing all of these entertainers.

Dear Eoink I agree with your Lana Del Ray.

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