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Pete, you misunderstand. Threads about ear wax or whatever are open to everyone. It’s not just the English who suffer from ear wax, piles or genital warts. Saying there should be a place for ‘non English members’ is vaguely ridiculous. Why do they need their own place? Are they somehow different from everyone else? Why can’t they just join in? It’s an international forum and cultural differences have nothing to do with it. There is a thread about what you did in the last 24 hours and threads can be set up on any subject. That’s why I mentioned WhatsApp- if people just want to chat and share a few pictures with their ‘non English’ friends it’s far more appropriate. Of should we have a thread where Americans can chat, one for Italians possibly. Maybe one for members in Japan…

I don’t think he did. His point, and mine, wasn’t about wanting separate threads for non-UK folk. He is talking about a bias against non-UK posters around what content is moderated. I don’t really want to get into specific examples, but it’s a trend I’ve observed for some time. Simply looking for some consistency that takes into account cultural differences in expression and that type of thing.


Sorry but I think you may have miss read my original post. The thread was for anyone and everyone at no point was it meant to be for “non English “ only, it just happened that those that were active while you guys slept seemed to use it. It also avoided opening up lots of threads that just seem to get lost and tbh I always thought one thread would be easier for Richard to maintain that lots of small ones. You never participated in the thread so I’m not sure you knew how it worked.

You specifically mentioned ‘non English’ as an objective in your post above, which smacks of cultural apartheid and is thus highly undesirable.

Now, there’s a thing :flushed:

Halibut, I find trying to stick ‘Apartheid’ to someone who’s mother is dying disgusting.
Its below anything what ever was posted on the Grand Cafe.


If I might just put my head above the parapet here, some of us are ‘non English’ and live in the UK. Terminology can be very difficult and generally always divisive. For what it’s worth I always enjoyed reading the thread and the insights it gave into life on the other side of the world, although I have never contributed. Edit - I didn’t actually specifically mean to reply to HH, I’m just an amateur here).

That’s a rather big call you have completely miss read my posts and/or their intent.


I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about an Irishmen, a Scot, an Australian, a Welshman and an Englishman in a pub and a claim of cultural apartheid, but I’m feeling fairly certain the scene didn’t end well……

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Despite Pete’s post above, what I told him was that the Grand Cafe thread was in quarantine pending some moderation investigations regarding some posts.

I also expressed concern that the thread was often being used as a private discussion area and sometimes used as a place to test the forum rules and make accusations at the forum hosts. And I said that was a situation that could not continue.

The Grand Cafe thread will return - hopefully soon. Until then, I’m closing this thread as it will be redundant once the GC thread returns anyway.

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