Grandchildren and tweeters aren’t compatible

A few years ago after a visit from my young grandson-5 years old- I found my tweeters had been modified.

I took my eye off the ball for this one. He’s a lovely lad of 11 now. I’ve never mentioned it to him and he obviously doesn’t remember.
I do get some distortion and certain records I don’t play cos of it.

Recent price to replace £160 + £38/hour labour to replace. I’m not going to bother.
Remember if you have grandchildren they’ll probably move faster than you.


I’m wondering if some sort of rubber suction cup could pull them out?

Perhaps a car valve grinding stick. Basically a wooden shaft with a small suction cup on the end.

Ouch… Such are the joys of exposed tweeters…?

Remember coming across this a while back


My grandson did the same thing to me a few months ago, luckily I popped it back using the vacuum cleaner.

I cover them when they visit now just in case.


Thats very clever…! :sunglasses:

I did try sellotape without any luck.

Vacuum cleaner? I give that a try later today, the Dyson may do it.

I used a vacuum cleaner on mine too, just get it close but not sealing or touching the dome

I’ve seen videos like this before but they don’t appear to be aluminium domed tweeters. One chap used a cardboard toilet roll holder placed around one and sucked and just like that, it popped out.
I will have look later today.

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It was a Dyson. :rofl::rofl:. Good luck.

I must say that if it were me, I would just pay up and get it fixed. (Well probably I would buy the spares and do the work myself).



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Yes, I know what you mean there. About 20 years ago they cost me £750, I disposed of the original packing 5 to 6 years ago, I had a clear out.
I don’t drive and I have to deliver to the dealer and I am going to replace anyway.
That’s why I put up with them and decided not to

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I’m contemplating ringing my hifi in razor wire and hooking it up to the mains to protect it from my kids.


Try saying DONT TOUCH THAT first.

Remember to get a small transformer in order to facilitate only mild electric shocks.

You can never be too careful where children are concerned

Cheers @Ian2001 . As the voltage is only 100v here and both poles are referenced to each other rather than earth, there won’t be any shock unless I use a step up to 200v and something fancy to reference live to earth.

In seriousness though I have no advice for the OP. All kids are different. One of mine took on board the “don’t touch this” at age 2. The other has more of a “screw you. I’m laying claim to what I want” attitude. He’s 3. You can certainly swing the odds in your favor with careful messaging and encouragement for respect for other’s things. But you can never predict every kid and some will go through phases that others won’t. Phases where no tweeter, stylus, or bass reflex port is safe. And phases where no lessons are learned from negative consequences.

Thanks, hope this comes across in the right way - but I was slightly surprised that your TEAC turntable wasn’t quite in ‘keeping’ with the Luxman equipment however with young children …

Best wishes

Hehe, I’ll do a write up on the other thread once I’ve refined the setup. Little kids weren’t really a factor. Though I did tell my youngest “be warned! An arm for an arm.”

Mrs. FZ wasn’t amused.

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I recall hearing a friend telling the story that, when his kids were younger, he made it very clear to them that “these are Daddy’s toys and you must not touch” to which his son replied, very seriously, “But Daddy, toys are for sharing…”