Great British Intelligence Test

On BBC website right now.

A little New Year’s diversion which I suspect many forum members would enjoy completing and viewing results after…:slightly_smiling_face:

I can also guess at which particular round will give rise to the most commentary afterwards!

Sounds good - do we critique before or after trying it!

Ok - make sure you read the instructions for each test properly - you get bettwr when you realise what you’re supposed to be doing - I hope they don’t take that as evidence of neuronal plasticity!

Need to restart as I caccidentally (that neologism perhaps sums it up!) swiped back in the browser!

Yes, on some rounds I’ve no doubt better results could be achieved 2nd time around! Also, I got a little bored/disheartened at the back end of a couple of the ‘high numbers’ rounds and essentially just said fuk dat!

Tried it - did ok until the true/false section - my browser only showed about 3 letters of each part of the question.

Who makes up these questions ?
Have they not got anything better to do that’s more important, like saving the world - instead of this tedious rubbish ?

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Not do very well then :joy:


Does it make a difference? :nerd_face:

Maybe Auntie will find someone to save the world… And The Cheerleader.

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