Grey Burndy Cable queries


I have two old grey Burndies that no longer have corresponding equipment. Beforemoving them on, I’d like to check with the Forum what are the correct applications for these Cables.

The first one is an 11-pin Grey Burndy, which bears a label ‘CDPS/CDSII’. The pin formation has 6 pins grouped together, then a space and 1 further pin, making 7 in total in the outermost ring. The next ring has 4 pins grouped together. There is a prominent black ‘pin’ that presumably acts as an interlock.

My question about this is that I have been told the old CDS used a 13-pin Burndy. In the past I did have a wonderful CDS and CDPS, but I do not recall the Burndy configuration.

My second query is kind-of the other way round. I have a 13-pin Grey Burndy, which has a label that is now indecipherable. The pin arrangement is 9-pins in the outermost ring and 4 pins in the next ring inwards. There is a quite prominent black pin that presumably functions as an inter-lock.

I don’t know what Naim equipment this Cable would interconnect?

Any knowledge that can assist would be gladly received.


The first grey Burndy cable (11 pin) sounds like the one used to connect a CDPS to a CDS2/CDX/CDS3/CDX2 etc…

The second grey Burndy cable (13 pin) sounds like it may well be an original CDPS Burndy for connecting between a CDPS and CDS.

Burndy Lead, 15 Pin, NAC 252

Burndy Lead, 16 Pin, NAC 52

Burndy Lead, 19 Pin, NAC 552

Burndy Lead, 7 Pin, NAPS 300

Burndy Lead, 9 Pin, NAPS 500

Burndy Lead, 17 Pin, SNAXO/SuperLine

Burndy Lead, 11 Pin, S-XPS

Burndy Lead, 13 Pin, CDPS

Burndy Lead, Analogue, 7 Pin two bands CD555

Burndy Lead, Digital, 10 Pin one band CD555


Thanks to Richard and Darran for updates.

A follow-on question is that I have a Black Burndy 11-pin that is marked ‘XPS-NA46’. Clearly it’s a Naim original, made some years ago.

My question is, will this work in a link between a Nac-272 and 555PS (i.e. is it fully equivalent to a Burndy S-XPS)?


It will work but it’s not as good as a S-XPS, which replaced the original XPS lead.

The S-XPS was introduced as an improvement over the existing black XPS Burndy cable. As HH confirms above, it will work just fine, but it won’t be quite as good as the S-XPS Burndy cable. As you have a 555PS, it surely makes sense to go for an S-XPS Burndy, otherwise you’ll be wondering “what if…?”

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