Grey Interconnect cables

I read in a thread today that grey interconnects are not the most recent / optimal.

I then read Richard FAQ on the subject and have come away confused. A quick look at my ‘spaghetti’ I have identified a couple in my system:
from Nat 01 PS
from Nat 01 to 52.
Would there be any benefit in upgrading them?

How old is your NAT01? IS it a CB one? If so, it probably uses the old 7 pin DIN cable between head unit and PST. I’m not sure whether Naim can make a black alternative as the 7 pin Din was dropped with the Olive revision.

I have the same grey cables on my CB 01. You can’t get black 7 pin. Chord quoted some crazy price to make up a replacement a few years back. I’m happy with what I have there for now. Might look to change the PS to 252 Snaic at some point.

No it’s not a CB; I think it dates from the mid 1990’s.
Looks like it’s best left as is … thanks for the feedback folks.

You could go for black then. I’d be inclined to stick though, unless you feel something is lacking.

I’m happy - the grey colour just got me thinking …

Dangerous thing sometimes that thinking


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