Ground Box and signal ground on new classic 300 series

Ok this is gonna be a marmite topic I know.

Let’s set ‘whether there’s any real improvement/waste of money’ etc aside

Purely theoretical. If one has a ground box like Nordost QKore. Amp setup would be 350 monoblocs and no pre amp. One single source - DAC to drive the monoblocs direct.

Is the signal ground connected to the remote in/out on 350s? The new 300 series remote in/ out are to be connected via optical cables, but analogue cable with 3.5mm plugs will also do. So can one theoretically plug the ground cable on the 350s via the remote jacks?

Or maybe it’s not gonna do anything so don’t waste your time.

Open to discussion/advices/opinions

If it’s a signal ground should it not be connected to one of the connectors that actually carries (or at least is capable of carrying) a signal? Not sure the remote trigger qualifies.

but since the 350 only have 1XLR input……

Oh well maybe not to bother probably is the obvious answer.

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