Grounding issue with Rega P25

Hi all,

I picked up a minty P25 for my office system and it is plagued by a grounding hum when picking up the arm - which keeps going after putting on the record. I know Rega uses an odd left channel grounding setup. I took it back to the place I got it and they replace the Nagaoka MP-20 (which I loved) with my Ortofon 2m Bronze, based on their experience of Nagaokas sometimes having grounding issues. While the buzz is reduced, it’s still there.

I previously had a similar problem in another part of the house with my LP12 which was resolved with an arm rewire.

I suspect I may have an elusive grounding issue in the house overall, however, my LP12 is now ok so the lazy part of me wonders if there’s a good TT solution.

Any thoughts? I do like this P25, it’s miles better than the 90s Planar 2 it replaced (though no LP12).

Oh and I should add - the TT is dead quiet at the hifi shop I bought it from.

You could try an IFI GND Defender. May not solve the issue totally, but could help reduce it.

Get it from somewhere where you could demo it at home with free returns. Nothing lost that way.


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