Grounding RP3 to Supernait3

Hello all

do you connect your TT ground to your Naim gears?
I have Rega P3 and Supernait3.
If so, how do you do on the TT side? on the integrated amp, I found the ground connector, but not on the TT.

thank you

If there is no ground wire, dont worry.


Yes. There is a Ground lead from my Linn Ittok, which is connected to my 82’s Ground terminal, adjacent to the Phono inputs.

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The Rega is grounded via the two phono plugs and does not have a separate ground lead. No need to worry.


thank you!

IIRC Rega turntables don’t use a separate ground wire - they ground via the left channel of the interconnect instead. Rega argue that this sounds better.


Thank you

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