Hi all Naimmie,

I wonder if anyone can help me with my grounding questions.

My system:
NDX2 - NDS/555ps - 252/300

What should I select my grounding in both the NDX2 and NDS? As I don’t have a Naim CD player, does it mean I don’t have a common ground reference?

The reason I need the NDX2 is due to the NDS streaming board is failing and I can’t find a better DAC. (NDX2/555ps still not working for me).

Thanks for any suggestion.


Set the NDS to default (chassis). The NDX2 S/PDIF connection is transformer coupled so the NDX2 ground setting can be left at default too.

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Oh I see.
I thought only one of them should be set to chassis, is the default for NDX2 is chassis ?

Yes you’re right and that would be the case if both NDX2 and NDS were connected by the analogue outputs to the 252. As you’re using the NDX2 as a digital source to the NDS via the S/PDIF interface, this connection is transformer coupled (galvanically isolated). The setting of the NDX2 ground switch can be left at default (chassis). The NDS is providing the mains earth to signal ground connection in the system so it’s the setting of the ground switch on the NDS which needs to be set correctly.

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