@Richard.Dane just been given access to private lounge
Can you advise where this is or how

to use it?

I do not think it exists… :thinking:

Not all platform features or privileges are enabled on the forum.

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Richard is just being polite. Yes I’m a privileged member and it’s where we talk about other members. You may be let in one day.


:+1: :+1: :joy:

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Everyone sit up straight, fingers on lips :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I queried something similar the other day with respect to private messaging/direct messaging.

I composed several brief replies to another post over a short period, possibly on a mobile where editing the initial one to expand the reply would have been more fiddly.

I got a message saying ‘instead of replying several times why not send a direct message?’ or similar. I did not want to do that specifically and could not find a way to do it, RD confirmed it’s a platform feature which is not enabled.

Oh! Like Frasier and different membership levels in a club. Till they end up in an ally.


I’ll have a word with Daney, but I can’t promise anything immediate.

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I was going to ask if you found you were talking to yourself a lot more than usual in that special lounge :wink:

The initiation ceremony is eye watering😂


I know the ceremony’s meant to be a secret, but I just need to say I think I put my back out during the Statement juggling.


Presumably whilst balancing on one leg with your trousers rolled up.


I can’t comment or I might be demoted to a lowly Member. (I have no idea how the levels work.)


There is a secret inner sanctum from which this forum is really controlled and the invited members are actually lizards wearing human skins


First rule of private lounge…

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I am a member of a forum similar to this one, except it’s not about hifi. It uses the same Discourse platform as the Naim forum, but there are lots of subtle differences between the Naim forum and this other forum. One immediately obvious one is that once you are out of the basic tier, which took me about 12 hours, you can direct message people. But there are numerous others, including for example that the Regular category doesn’t exist, threads never close unless the Administrator decides to close them and recently I noticed that new members get a username of userxxxx where xxxx are four digits the system picks. All existing members continue to be able to use their real name, like some of us do here, or whatever alias they like as long as it’s polite. There is also no ban on giving/selling stuff between members.

Interesting how different forum administrators choose different options from the Discourse set.

There doesn’t seem to be a lounge there either!

It’s a very exclusive club for “special members”. :thinking:


One of my favourite epsiodes.

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I happen to know differently…