Gryphon diablo 300

Out of interest, anyone heard this? Was just reading an article.

I am also interested by it. @CAJDM has it. What are your impressions? Vs Naim?
@iliria , have you heard one? , you were thinking of buying it .

@frenchrooster it certainly reads very well via paper but as we know, it means nothing. :+1:t2:

Yes, absolutely. I would really like to read someone who could have compared it vs 252/300 or 552/500.
But however PeterR quote is interesting.

I wonder how old that post is from @PeterR . From his profile he is no longer in North America and has a completely different system S1/500 and different speakers.

I understood that he quoted someone else. It was on Vitus ( Dunc) thread, some weeks ago.

I do have the Gryphon Diablo 300, but I did not compare it with any Naim alternatives for various reasons. I did audition it with the Hegel H590, Luxman 509 and the 700 power / pre units. The Diablo fitted my tastes better and was in a different league. It was able to handle my B&W 802 D2s low impedance dips with ease. It is a very neutral amplifier, compared to anything I’ve ever heard, it really has no tonal character of it’s own that I could identify so it may not balance a warm or over detailed system. It is very fast and controls speakers very well. It can be pretty unforgiving of anything poor feeding it as I found when I auditioned it. I don’t have the optional Gryphon DAC module or phono stage.
Fed from my Uniti Core / NDX2, Chord M Scaler / TT2 the combination is the wonderful, but with my Vinyl system it is perfection to my ears. I’m very impressed by it and delighted with my choice.
It is built like a tank and weighs about the same.
If you are looking at an integrated amplifier I would definitely look at it, it is superb.


I wonder if this very neutral and unforgiving may not be felt as clinical or cold, in some cases.
The absence, for now, of comparison vs Naim is like a hole for me. I can’t even imagine how it can really sound.
But thanks for your sharing and I am happy for you that you really enjoy it.

I never got to listen to one in the end because I bought a 300DR.

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FR, if you wish to quote somebody then please attribute it correctly. If you’re just taking a post from another forum, then please abide by forum rules. Thanks.

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Whilst all these things are in the ear of the beholder, I did not find the Diablo cold or clinical at all, as that irritates me (as does woolly bass).
The listening set up was a high spec Aurelic streamer, my Chord M Scaler and Qutest (TT2 was still on order), test amps into B&W 803 D3s with Atlas’ top of the range cables. I found the 803 D3s much too cold and clinical compared to my 802 D2s, but the Diablo played better with them than the others.
The Diablo was only on my list as a “filler”, it was not what I was really looking to buy - my interest was Hegel, Naim combination or Accuphase. The dealer was not a Naim dealer so I couldn’t do a side by side comparison.
I hate to use the words musical and finesse but I can’t find better descriptions for it. Due to COVID restrictions I only tested it in a streaming set up and bought it on that basis. But with my turntable set up it is unbelievably good - in fact it got me right back into listening to records and buying a lot more of them.
It was my intention to also listen to the Naim 282 or 252 / 300 combination as well as Accuphase and others, but I couldn’t get over how much the Diablo drew me in and I just stopped looking.
If you get a chance have a listen - it definitely costs too much to buy it on the basis of reviews or anyone’s opinions.

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Sorry, I thought having quoted it normally. I quoted PeterR post from another thread, and wrote it was Peter quote. Don’t know what happened.

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