Hana ML and Stageline S

Getting up around 10 hrs run in now and I’m rather excited. When I installed the Stageline I left the DV17d3 on the Well Tempered arm for a wee bit and was impressed with the improvement over the P75/2. Then on went the Hana ML. I heard potential however it wasn’t grabbing me by my musical heartstrings. I know straight outa the box its asking a bit much to expect the best from a cartridge so I put faith in my Hi Fi Guys that recommended it to me saying “Some of our diehard Dynavector guys are really happy with the Hana ML” …
And it appears that after around 10 hours I’m quite excited with the music this wee thing is producing. Its really beginning to fit right in with the Naim Spendor synergy. The Stageline no doubt is contributing. Its also reassuring to be free of one more pair of foreign I/C’s. The black snaic with power supply connected to the SN2 is a bonus as I’ve been trying to cut down on boxes and power leads. Funny thing is the simpler my system has gotten, the more satisfying it is. Nice one Naim.

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After 10 hours, you should definitely start to get a proper feel for how the cart is performing. However, I have found that for many carts, up to so so 50 hours is needed - for example, when I was breaking in an AT OC9MLII the 50 hour mark was critical, as up to that point it could be just a bit too stark and bright. After around 50 hours it really came good!

Yep, fully expecting plenty of changes even up to 100hrs from what Ive read.

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