Hana ML and Superline

I have been using a Dynavector XX2 Mk 2 for some time. That cartridge has seen better times, and may be off to Japan for a rebuild. In the meantime, I have a Hana ML on the way. I am using a Superline. Has anyone any suggestions for resistance and capacitance plugs for the Hana ML? Hana’s on line specs are a bit thin, and say only “>100 ohms.” Where do I start? Also, any impressions on the Hana ML in general would be welcome.

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I would start out just using the Resistance plugs. 100R sounds like a good place to start. Then try 500R etc. And if you get any RF interference or feel that the top end needs tuning slightly you could try some extra capacitance., start at 1nf.

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