Anybody ever carried a hicap in handluggage on an aircraft? I wonder what security will do …

No but I reckon they will definitely have something to say! :rofl:

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The weight may well exceed “hand luggage”.

It’s probably best to check with the airline as they have different restrictions and rules change all the time. My first thought is that if you have a laptop, why not a Hicap? It will gave to through the scanner anyway.

I fly KLM and they will be fine. Security is really my concern. A big transformator and large capacitors - this must give the security agent some extra concern. I wonder what they think! I might go early to the airport so that if they don’t take it, I go back to the office to store it in my locker.

Naim stuff is exported all over the world so it really should not be a problem. Probably best to check though.

I once took an AV amp that I had bought secondhand, though that was hold baggage not hand as too heavy and I also had a bag. Truthfully answering the question ‘did I pack it myself’ resulted in a 20 minute delay while I had to go to the oversized place and they opened up and used explosives sniffer. You don’t get asked that question with hand baggage.

Even checking with the airline might not tell you what their reaction will be as the airport security is independent of the airlines - you could try contacting the airport, but whether you can get through to anyone authoritative in that area is another matter.

Read the airline small pring about prohibited items carefully. But not everything is covered - I wasn’t allowed to take a climbing rope (in a bag) on board, though they simply took it off me in security and passed it to the aircrew, who gave it back at the other end. I don’t see that they would identify any unacceptable risk, as it is no more a weapon than many a bag, but when they x-ray they might pull to one side simply because unusual.

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I did exact this about 5 years ago, whilst living in the Middle East and trying to bring my hicap back in hand luggage to be DR’d in Salisbury.

To cut a long story short, I did get it through, but it took lots of conversations. The image onthe scanner looks like a cartoon caricature of a bomb - two large cylinders (the caps) plus a huge doughnut (the transformer). It caused a massive stir as it flashed up on the screen and I was immediately surrounded.

In another language it’s also not easy to explain what it is. “ Power supply” meant nothing to them. And when I said it was part of a hifi, they couldn’t understand why it had no knobs or display,…

Fortunately I had brought along lots of supporting paper work and descriptions, and the Omani police were wonderful.

I got it through, but my advice would be to take paperwork along to substantiate what it is, and to allow extra time at security…

Good luck , Paul


I once had to take two 25kg air powered drills to a job in Spain. We just paid the excess baggage, and EasyJet took them without any questions. Getting stuff through security as hand luggage could be a bit more tricky, though.

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I carried a HiCap DR back from Germany in my hand luggage. They questioned me briefly after it was x-rayed but as soon as I explained it was an amplifier they let me straight through.

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If it was me, I would give it a go first checking with the airline but I find nowadays what ever you do - speak to 6 different people at the same organisation and you get 6 different answers generally it is a sad fact that nobody knows anything these days. Or the most annoying thing is they say “I think” I really don’t care what people think I want to know what is fact.

Then I would have the manual with me and a few copies of the internal shots you can find on the web also a copy of the blurb from Naim in it’s simplistic form as to what the Hicap does and who Naim are. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Ardbeg10y: I’m looking for a big black box.
Security officer 1: Is it yours?
Ardbeg10y: Yes.
Security officer 1: Wait here.
… waiting …
Security officer 2: What is it? I see a big circle and 2 tubes.
Ardbeg10y: It is a powersupply.
Security officer 2: Is it liquid?
Ardbeg10y: No, it is british hifi.
Security officer 2: ah, then it is ok.
Ardbeg10y: Yes, british hifi is ok.

then I got my hicap back.

I wonder how many people have hurt themselves against my hicap in the overcrowded tube.


Oh that is wonderful. Well done.

You can’t go wrong with a decent leather duffel bag.

If you fly with Ryanair they will charge you if it weighs over 50g and bigger than a matchbox😀

Never! Mostly KLM and sometimes BA.

Currently still stuck on City airport, thunderstorms have caused the authority to refuse takeoffs.

I start feeling that this whole exercise will happen again tomorrow …

Nait 2, no problem whatsoever.

Nait 2 - what could be a problem for it … probably only scottish nationalistic isobariks

Oh, the sweet memories of the year after September 11, when I had to fly almost every f$%^&ng week and airport security would ask “How Are You?” and me answering “I am Fine!” would put me on a suspect list (until then I did not realize that my English is that bad!) And then the routine of stripping to my socks and underwear: Glorious Days indeed!!!:grinning:
But nothing beats 2012 when me and my wife were flying back from Canada and she thought that you can argue with airport security: we almost underwent “cavity search” because we had nothing to declare and she thought that she can prove it!!!

I once carried a large block of Comté cheese in my hand luggage, which got security all excited - but then it actually triggered laughter from security when It was revealed, They did suggest that next time It might avoid being pulled aside if I packed it away from the chargers or whatever other electronics and cabling I was carrying - it was the two together that drew attention.