Hannah Peel

I heard an extraordinary new piece on Radio 3 just now (7:30am), ‘Sunrise Through The Dusty Nebula’ by Hannah Peel, glorious brass fanfares and the works. Did anyone else hear it?

A quick look online shows that it appears on an album called ‘Journey To Cassiopeia’, which I’ll look for. If only I had a credit card that works,

I hope that I can track down the recording in any event.

Seven quid on bandcamp.

I listened to it as well - just magnificent. I then remembered one of R3 presenters a few years back ( maybe Georgia Mann?) saying that she was listening to it outside one night via headphones with a starlit sky and had a semi-religious experience!

That’ll be £8.40 with VAT

£6.49 on Qobuz or for sublime subscribers the Hi Res is £4.49

Yes, sorry, Forgot the VAT. tbh I’m surprised bandcamp get away without showing the VAT inclusive price. The UK law is online sellers to retail MUST show inc. vat as the headline price.

I think it’s something to do with their global sales platform whereas Qobuz have separate sites for different parts of the world.

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I often go to bed with Hannah.

She is one of the two hosts(esses) of BBC Radio 3 Night Tracks. Starts at 11pm Monday/Wednesday. Thursday is best of…

The other presenter is Sara Mohr-Pietch. An equally knowledgeable young woman.

Nice ambient/classical/jazz/all sorts of night music.


Hannah Peel has worked with Paul Weller playing live and on at least his last three records True Meanings, On Sunset and Fat Pop Vol 1 bringing some beautiful orchestration to his music especially on True Meanings.

He always speaks of her in glowing terms and says she is one of this countries most talented music makers.

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