Hans Beekhuyzen reviews the Uniti Atom

… on his YouTube channel and is full of praise! :+1:

BTW, at 01:45 he says “There even is a possibility to use an optical USB drive as a CD mechanism.” I am not entirely sure I follow. Does he mean connecting a computer-type stand-alone CD-ROM or CD-R/RW drive via the USB port as a CD transport?

He does mean that, but although Naim originally announced that at the outset, so far as I know it has never been implemented in the Atom firmware.


First time somebody describe what is inside. Rest is noting new.

An introduction to streaming article in April’s HFNRR says the Nova can rip to USB storage, again I guess based on the original plan.

A bit strange to announce at features at the introduction of a product, which are still not there yet two years down the line, if you ask me. Does anybody know if this is still in the works?

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