Happy 49th Birthday Naim

Who knew?



I do hope those tablecloths, balloons and and Union jacks were made in the UK, and not on some foreign shore.

Which means it is the Golden Anniversary next year :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

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Only the cake I guess.

Because they have decided to call it a celebration of the Best of British?

Funnily enough I saw an article earlier with City retailers groups welcoming the positive effects of the Platinum Jubilee on trade etc with some retailers saying how bunting/flags etc were really selling well.

My thoughts were perhaps similar thinking in all likelihood a lot of the items might be made overseas even if commissioned by UK companies, but my greater concern was potentially the amount of plastic waste that might be generated.

Anyhow a great ‘birthday’ for Naim, and lets hope the Platinum Jubilee serves as a reminder of the shared values people across the UK’s constituent nations have held dear for so long, and also bring a small bit of joy to many after the terrible events of the last two and a half years or so.


The Union flags are upside down, which is an insult to the Crown, apparently.

Or a cry for help. :wink:

Good spot, I’d always have to check the correct orientation were I to put up a Union Jack/Flag which is probably unlikely. For the average person in this day and age I think you’d have to be lenient as it’s probably not something widely taught. Were you a professional/military person putting proper flags up I think it would be something you’d really need to know about to potentially avoid offence.

Are there other flags which could be displayed incorrectly in terms of the edge/orientation attached to the pole which is the ‘anchor’? I guess even the humble Welsh flag could be incorrect horizontally when attached to a pole.

You learn something new every day.


Decent Republicans possibly?! :innocent:

Many happy returns!

Best of British speaker placement


.sjb :ireland:

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