Happy 50th anniversary - Celestion Ditton 25

My Celestion Ditton 25 speakers purchased in November 1972 are now fifty years old this month.
They are in original condition, in continuous use and untouched other than some periodic teak oil.
I calculated that they have cost me £1.80 per year so not a bad investment.

They still sound superb.


Are they as good-looking with the grilles off or not?

£45 in 1972 is the equivalent of £477 now, so your original £1.80 per month is now nearer £20 in real terms. Still a bargain!


They cost £87.50 not £45, hence around £1.80 per year.

They are not veneered under the grills, but I always keep the grills on all my speakers anyway.

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Silly boy - I multiplied the £1.80 by 25 because that was the number that stood out in your post. A moment’s haste…

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