Happy 5th birthday

It’s home schooled. I wouldn’t want it to catch a nasty virus.


Congrats! It’s always great to find a piece of gear you love that just makes you want to buy more music. I feel the same way about my LP12 that was adopted.

A fish head curry is an excellent choice in hot weather​:yum: Peter Swain @Cymbiosis likes it​:grin::sunglasses:
Happy 5th birthday to your 272🎂!!!

Mine is 4 years old and about to return to my dealer, to make space for ND555/552 :grinning:

I really like this post, as I have owned the 272 for about 2 years along with 250DR and XPSDR and love it. Happy birthday to your 272! I’m also hoping to get an RP6 next year on wall shelf above the rack, after redecoration and changes to electrics/sockets etc in the lounge where my hifi is and likely positional tweaks. Your original set up was closer to mine and I can’t stretch to the 555PS/300DR (maybe one day) but I’m particularly interested in the Musicblock or maybe Powerlines as an initial upgrade. My current 3 boxes plug straight into a double wall socket using standard Naim leads. Sorry if this is a bit off thread (I know there are others here discussing leads etc) but I’d just be interested to know your thoughts on the pros and cons of me getting Powerlite leads vs Musicblock given that my set up is quite similar to your original one and I’m intending to get the RP6.

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It’s amazing how many 272 owners thee seem to be, and it’s good to hear from you. I don’t know if you already have dedicated mains with its own consumer unit but if not, that’s the first thing to do. I’ve always run the 272 system with Powerlines so can’t really comment on the difference they made. I bought the MusicWorks when I got a Nat 05 as I had nowhere to plug it in. So for the £240 tuner I ended up with the block at £1,300 and two more Powerlines! The block does make a significant difference. The Rega’s two SMPS supplies are plugged into the ring main. One day I mean to try them on the block but it seems to be received wisdom that the SMPSs really should be separate. I suppose it depends how well Rega specify them.

If you can get dedicated mains and connect the Rega elsewhere I’d suggest that Powerlines are worthwhile (based on what one did for my SuperUniti that preceded the 272/250) and that the block might be something for another day. One weird thing though - the two boxes (555PS and 300PS) connected to the block sounds better than pugging them directly into the wall. How they can possibly happen I have no idea, but that’s what I found.

That probably doesn’t help at all! It’s important to remember that the 272/XPS/250 with standard leads is a wonderful setup, and that these expensive leads and blocks are very much nice-to-haves.


HH, another fan like you… :joy::sweat_smile::+1::fire:

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Thanks @hungryhalibut. I did wonder about a separate CU and single radial and have read a lot of the threads including recent one here Dedicated radial circuits. It clearly seems to be the recommended first upgrade. I initially had a separate Type C fuse fitted which is for the “sockets” in our lounge including my double socket into which the 250DR power amp and 272/XPSDR go into. This cured the occasional tripping issue I had when I switched on the 250 amp and XPSDR. We don’t tend to have TV on at the same time and I’m not aware of much interference from household appliances generally but I haven’t heard the difference a dedicated mains radial can make. I live just outside Bath the first challenge is to find a suitably qualified and willing sparky.

Sorry to sound dumb but your original post suggested you only had the 555PS but you then mentioned the 300PS. I assume these two jointly power the 272, and they each plug into your block (which then plugs into the wall and your 300DR power amp plugs directly into the other half of the double wall socket fed by the dedicated radial). Also why do you have two power supplies for the RP6? I thought it only used one? Thanks

The 300PS is the power supply part of the 300DR and the part that plugs into the mains. As to the P6; it has its own power supply and there is another for the Fono MC, hence the two plugs.

Great thanks. I thought I was missing something when you referred to the RP6 having 2 power supplies but I now see you meant the Rega Phonostage plus the power supply. Also being a 250DR owner I hadn’t appreciated the 2 box configuration of the 300DR amp/300 PS. Jealous already! As a first step I really hope I can get a dedicated radial without too much disruption to our house but am concerned to be honest having just looked at the existing consumer unit and its location/wiring etc. I’ll take some photos and maybe post on a separate mains related thread.

Dedicated mains is very worthwhile in my experience, and very cheap compared to Naim upgrades from your level. I did find that it’s only worthwhile if you do it properly, with a separate consumer unit and oversized cable.

Since you live just outside Bath, you can’t be that far from me. I could recommend the electrician I used. I had a new consumer unit and three 10mm**2 cables to three twin unswitched sockets, with C32 circuit breakers. These were each over a 30m length. He totally understood the requirements and installed exactly what was asked. However, I think you’d need to ask @Richard.Dane to give me your email address if you’d like me to pass on his details.

Just so that I don’t get accused of thread drift, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a belated happy birthday to Nigel’s NAC272.

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Thank you very much @Clive. I really appreciate that and I’d be very interested to talk to your contact. I’m happy for @Richard.Dane to give you my email address.

Lots sold and up for sale recently very reasonable prices too.

I agree, it’s simply great in combination with my 300DR. I am very happy with it!!

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Thanks for this. Seems to be the view of most people on the forum

The biggest challenge can be finding an electrician who doesn’t think you’re barking mad!

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@ChrisSU. Yeah. My sparky was intrigued so we spun a few CDs before he did the installation and then afterwards. He no doubt thought me a trifle eccentric but said the logic made absolute sense.



I hope you remembered to invite him back for a cup if tea and a listen a month later so he could experience the benefits of cable burn-in on his installation.


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