Happy Anniversary Core

It is now over one year since the last official Uniti Core software version release. It is also now, over a year since the last beta software version release. Sometimes feels like Naim have forgotten about the Core. Such a shame, as it has the potential to be a a outstanding product, with some TLC concerning the software. When I bought my first Core, there were some glaring omissions in the software. However, Naim have corrected some over a period of time. However, it seems that the software development has slowed to a trickle.


I love my Core also. Amazing build and sound quality…and the flexibility of the Downloads folder is fantastic. What software upgrades do you advocate for ?

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If you have ever used Roon or a piece of stand-alone software for metadata and ripping, then you would or will see how it could be improved.

Yes….the development of the Core has been very disappointing to the extent that I have been demoing alternatives from Melco and Innuos. Not come to a conclusion other than SQ wise you need to spend a lot more…….Innuos software is pretty good…….Melco is better, but not very good for Numpty like me. So i have had the view that Naim let us down……but at the price point, i now think they may have got it right at the time of launch. If only I could have the ability to directly download purchased music from Qobuz like you can with Melco….save buying plastic cd’s……i would be happy.

One for 2022 @Stevesky and @clare.newsome :crossed_fingers:t4:


Hi @Gazza , totally agree with your points you raise. Yes, the product is very easy to use, if you do not have a electronics/software/technical background. This is the real plus point, especially when you take into account the level of performance it gives you. However, it would not be beyond the realms of possibility to encompass the features, like you suggested. Just seems at present, and it is over a year, as if the development of the Core has come to a standstill or at least snails pace.


May I politely ask @Richard.Dane, @Stevesky or @clare.newsome for a brief synopsis of what has transpired with the Core software development or lack of over the last year. If you would care to expand as to any future Core developments, without compromising Naim or others product confidentiality, this would be greatly appreciated across the forum.
Thanking you, in anticipation of a reply.


I bought the Core then they were released and it suits my usage can’t stand messing with computers to rip CDs.

Much agreed that Naim should look into improving the software and I would also like the option to download straight into the Core.

Only ever downloaded one album can’t be bothered with the hassle again. I use Qobuz virtually everyday plus what is ripped not my Core still buy a fewCds of E Bay or Music Magpie etc.


Sorry for the delays on this one - as has been detailed in other threads, TIDAL’s decision to change their entire login process has caused a huge amount of work for the Naim software team. It meant significant software development work for both current and most especially legacy products, to keep them running TIDAL. Some brands have simply given up, but Naim is determined to keep products running as they should.

Sadly, this meant something had to give in order for the work to be done to hit TIDAL’s mid-December deadline - and that something was the Uniti Core release. It hasn’t been forgotten, and as soon as the final TIDAL-related updates are released in the next week, it becomes a priority for the team.

A beta version of the new Core software should therefore be released to the test group in coming weeks.

We’ll keep everyone updated; thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thank you @clare.newsome for the explanation and @Richard.Dane for his support in obtaining it. :+1:


Is that the reason why i had experience a couple of times when i try to listen to tidal via my ND555, it just doesnt play but playing from core hv no issue. Check my router also fine as my phone shows no loss of signal from the router.

This just happened again yesterday. Only managed to play tidal after logout n login again in the naim app of my ipad.

Shouldn’t be an issue on your ND555 if you are on latest firmware - currently 3.7.1, with 3.8 due any day

@Gazza numpty on this but if I buy a Core I can’t simply buy a download and file it?

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Yes you can. You can ether keep it in your downloads folder, or you can do what i do; I keep the internal drive just for WAV rips made by the Core. I then have a little detachable USB drive that I use for anything else such as downloads, rips done on the computer, or anything where a degree of file housekeeping or tagging beyond the basic has been required.

Note that many downloaded files need a bit of sorting out, re-tagging etc. I find DBpoweramp is useful here.


Yes im already on 3.7.1

It had happened twice. Could it be an issue w the streaming card inside the nd555?

Highly unlikely. Does the problem manifest when using TIDAL Connect (streaming straight from the TIDAL App), or just via Naim App?

I had thus far always use my naim system thru naim app from my ipad.

On the first occurence, i had even delete the app and reinstall it.

I would suggest using TIDAL Connect

Download the TIDAL App and login.

Start playing a track and then from the ‘Now Playing’ screen, click on the little Speaker icon. Select the ND 555 from the drop down menu.

See how that goes re stability.

Adding to what Richard said, if you want to save the downloads in the music store in the Core, there is a downloads folder there and this works just like a drive on your network. So you can add, delete, edit and anything else you want using a PC or Mac without moving the file(s) out of the download folder. The Core automatically indexes the changes you make, so they appear in the app in the same way as if you had them on a USB drive that you have assigned as a share.


Noted your suggestion and will try it out. Many thanks for your prompt response Clare!

Please let us edit more of the metadata on Core rips. For classical music access to the composer field and performer field for the entire CD and each individual track is critical. For downloads that I store on my Core HD, I am able to use Metadatics directly on the files on the Core and all the changes appear. I can rip CD’s on my computer with dBpoweramp, edit the metadata, and then move the files to the download folder; but I would prefer to just use the CD ripper in the Core and then edit the metadata in the Naim app.