Happy Atom owners?

Do any Uniti Atom owners out there have no faults/crashes/reboots? Do any Uniti Atom owners have a system which just works?

My 10 week old Atom has had problems from the beginning. Initially on FW3.5.0 and now on FW3.5.1 since 23/9/20. At the start there were random crashes and reboots when using Tidal. Also the display would stop responding to the proximity sensor even though the leds on the volume control do brighten. This fault would clear only after a power down or one of the random crashes fixed it.
Since FW3.5.1 the non responsive display continues to be an issue, it only works for a day or two after a reboot. There has been one sudden crash while using the HDMI input. The other random crashes while using Tidal seem to have stopped (fingers crossed). Yesterday the display froze showing a Tidal track album art, but would not change at all. Even when selecting HDMI input the Tidal album would still be displayed. I had to power down again to clear it. I have now done a factory reset to see if that will make a difference.

So I ask again does anybody have an Atom that just ‘works’?

Any updates on your Atom…I had the streaming board replaced on my Nova about three weeks ago and all is fine fingers crossed.

Mine is fine. Only issues were with firmware updates prior to 3.5 but now on the latest and all seems Ok. No HDMI on mine.

Hi @RayC , so sorry to hear about your travails. Was it bought new? If so, have you spoken to your dealer and have your raised the issue with Naim?

I bought my ex-demo Atom as a cheer-me-up during lockdown. Sounds great in my office (and looks it too, on the desk) with wall-mounted Neat Iota speakers. Had no problems until FW3.5.0 when it decided to do a reboot whilst listening to radio. But only once and this has not occurred with 3.5.1. (“So far” he says, touching wood the while.) The proximity sensor works fine.

My only complaint: I really liked the psychedelic squiggles on boot up with the old firmware and rather miss them. Other than that, yes I’m a happy Atom owner.

Hope you get your issues sorted soon.


Never had a random reboot or screen freeze on my Atom, or on my NDX2.

I’m very satisfied with my Atom so far, I have only have it for one week. Excellent function and fantastic sound.

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Likewise, only a month or so in with a second hand Atom (FW3.5.1), but it has been 100% since we’ve had it, and it sees 8-12 hours use daily.

Absolutely happy with it - now just need to upgrade the aging AE1 speakers…

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I have an Atom for my home office system. I use it exclusively as a Roon endpoint. I use it all day, five days a week, and have never had issues with it. It just works.

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In begining I have lot of software problems, with freezing, Tidal problems, rebooting etc. But Atom is like vine, after 1 year working like swiss watch :slight_smile:)
Very satisfied, love It!

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I have my Atom since 6 weeks. I am using it every evening. My main application is streaming over Tidal. I tried Qobuz a couple of weeks, too. I am using the HDMI ARC input and web radio as well. A CD player is connected to the optical input, but I am using that barely.

Overall I am extremely happy with the Atom: Build quality, sound quality, connectivity.
I have no problems with freezing or rebooting so far.

But: Sometimes the Atom is not responding to inputs over the app (iPhone XS and iPad Pro): Play, pause, stop, next track, etc. I than have to close the app completely and restart it. I hope that Naim is fixing that behaviour soon. But it is not a very big deal for me. For those kind of inputs I am using the remote in most cases, which I like very much.

What I really would love to see in upcoming software releases:
More individual configuration possibilities for the device over the app. For example:

  • Different display settings and modes for the different inputs:
    Album cover when I am streaming, display off when I am using the HDMI input, showing the clock when I am listening to web radio station.
  • I would like shut off the lights completely and switch off the illumination of the power button during standby
  • 24h setting for the clock
  • Start/Max. Volume for each input
    I am just looking forward to more possibilities in the settings section.

But overall I could not be happier: The device is far more flexible than I hoped and the sound is so amazing - even with my old, cheap speakers. I never had so much fun listening to my music collection.


Very happy owner here… only issues I had early on were entirely due to a non-ideal network setup, which I have addressed and all is great!

The Atom is VERY picky regarding WiFi performance. Every device in the house can stream 24/192 from Qobuz, but the Atom, bless it, has to have its own 5GHz wireless network to work its magic (or wired, obvs).


It seems there are a few Atoms that work out there then. Maybe I am the only one who is pleased if it lasts a week without some type of failure.
I have been in touch with Naim support but they are now suggesting I return it to the dealer for repair/binning. My problem with that is that they say I will be without it for several weeks while they ‘fix’ it. I think this is poor, since it is only 10 weeks old, I think it should be replaced with a working model.
So now I have done a factory reset I will wait to see if/when there is another failure and then pursue a replacement Atom. It is only about 28 hours since the reset. :crossed_fingers:

I do feel for you, these devices are far from cheap and to have issues like you have would be upsetting and frustrating in equal measure. I spent quite some time patrolling these forums before I took the plunge and bought the Atom, and it is very easy to believe there are widespread issues with devices when your source of information is a community support forum!

I hope you get a satisfactory resolution, maybe your dealer has another unit you could loan during the repair/replacement of your Atom?

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That is a very reasonable stance, surely they have a demo they could lend ?

In my instace, TIDAL has been problematic. Currently Atom is only playing from albums on Tidal and then stops playing (playing que stops even there are still songs on an album)…

I have had my share of issues with my Atom but nothing too serious just annoyances but 3.5 firmware has really been causing it more trouble than ever.

I would expect my dealer to sort this out and not leave me without music. Are you in the UK? If so the sale of goods act applies and goods must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose, which your Atom would appear not to be. The problem with devices which rely on your home network is being sure the device and not the network is at fault. But a good dealer should be willing and able to work with you to get this resolved.


Zero problems here! Just works. I do only use USB hard drive for main collection + Apple Music via airplay for new discoveries. Airplay works pretty much flawlessly from the atom side of things.

Only small issue is the occasional 2 seconds drop out over HDMI ARC. I can live with that though as I think that is a hdmi thing not strictly atom.

Ecstatic! Seriously, I’ve owned Atom for over 2 years. Had an issue with artwork display that was fixed when I installed v.2.6.1, which is what I still use! Sounds fantastic, works flawlessly.


I almost hate to admit that my Atom which I bought last week is working perfectly and is on the latest update. Here’s hoping than things improve for you and others. It’s replacing a UnitiLight which is back at Naim for a second CD drive and a new screen so perhaps my dose of issues was with the Lite!