Happy Birthday Ringo!

Thanks, thanks, thanks. You and the other three saved my life from a likely disaster and changed it forever. You’ll never know what you four meant to me. The first time I saw you on TV (October 1963), I waited for the next day and spent all my little piggy bank money to buy a pair of drumsticks - which I still have.

Thanks for not having given a s**t when some sod said you are not a great rock drummer: NOBODY could have taken your place in that 4-bit piece of music history.

Be happy, it’s been a great life so far and I wish you another big chunk of it.

From a guy who once won a pizza at the seaside in the summer holidays boasting - and proving - he could play all of the Beatles songs, in the proper order in which they appeared on each LP. My word.

A hug,


Peace and love👍

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Happy Birthday Ringo! Heard Yellow Submarine on R2 this morning, brightened up my day!

Nice touch from his predecessor on Twitter.