🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...... Sir Paul McCartney

:small_blue_diamond:Bobthebuilder,…This comment saved my midsummer weekend :grin::joy::grin:.


:small_blue_diamond:Mike-B,…This feels unusual,.but I agree with you :grin:.

He and John Lennon together as songwriters were fantastic.
I have most of The Beatles discs,.but if I have not been demented…
So,.I think I only have “Band On The Run” after his Beatles time.


I only have " All The Best! ", a Christmas season compilation throw out release.
It came into my CD (now ripped) collection somehow but I don’t know how, most likely a gift.
It doesn’t get played but to be fair if you want just one Maca album, this is as representative as they come. Mull Of Kintyre, Band On The Run, Ebony & Ivory, Pipes Of Peace & the silly frog song etc…

No, there’s been the theme tune to Crossroads too…

‘berk’ (Cockney rhyming slang)would have been better. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think the reverse is also true. They have both created some wonderful music, and both some less admirable stuff. From the perspective of reputations, Lennon’s has the advantage of having been frozen in time - he never got old.

McCartney has produced a load of drivel since the Beatles.
He even managed to reduce Stevie Wonder to playing ebony and ivory.

Well he’s produced more than Lennon I suppose. But then he has been around longer to do so.

But then…

The Wedding Album
Two Virgins
Sometime In New York City

and Side 2 of Live Peace in Toronto

Yes agreed that takes some doing to make SW sound so utterly ordinary.

Hmm. Well it’s not like anyone was holding a gun to SW’s head. And I cant help but have the suspicion that had JL written it (and he was capable of writing some cr@p) it might have been received very differently.

After all it was a song promoting racial harmony - JL’s stock in trade

I would say “ happy birthday “ and “ it’s time to retire “.

Agreed and if he could take the Stones, Who etc with him I’d be grateful. Loved them in my youth but they have become a parody of their former selves.

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it reminds me Ray Charles that i saw in a concert in the late 90’s. It was pathetic. Fortunately there was young singers with him on the stage.

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Unfortunately as we get old it’s difficult to realise when to quit.
Must be more difficult if you are used to the adulation and receiving a fortune for doing it.
Funnily enough I saw John Williams a couple of years ago in his seventies and he was brilliant. However, I believe he’s now retired from long solo concerts.

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