Happy birthday to my XS3!

Had my XS3 a year now. It replaced a venerable NAIT 3 I’d owned for 20 odd years.

Last year was a dramatic one HiFi wise for me, and the XS3 was the highlight, even if a close second was the revelation of streaming through a s/h UnitiQute.

I thought long and hard about the XS3. Other options were a SN2, a NAC72/NAP something, etc. I’m very glad I chose the XS3, the reasons were probably unique to me, we all have our internal rationale for buying decisions. I don’t know if the XS3 is the best amplification I could have bought for £2k, I do know that it makes amazing music, certainly allowing me to appreciate the very different qualities of Systemdek, CD5 and Primare NP5/Hugo sources.

So it sits at the back of a shelf, largely unseen, but definitely not unheard!

And one of my old NAIT, what a cracking amp that is. I hope it’s found a good new home!

Thanks to the forum for all the advice and entertainment, helped me decide on the XS3, and been fun following along others’ adventures.


Well done gthack

It’s a cracking little amp and at the price best in class

Enjoy it for the next 20 years as you did with the Nait 3



I share your joy, love mine.


Me too, the XS3 is great with my ND5XS2 and Paradigm Prestige 75s, even if I can’t turn the volume up past 9 O’clock. There is real rhythm and drive with this amp.


Love mine too.
It did have a noisy toroidal transformer but Naim kindly replaced.
Synergy with ND5 XS 2 is very addictive and in my system was not consistently bested by Supernait 3 when I demo’ed.
Many happy returns.


It is nice to hear appreciation as a reminder of how enjoyable this hobby can be, thanks.
That Systemdek is a real prize too. I enjoyed mine for years.


I have to agree, the XS3 is a brilliant amp and so glad I got mine last year. Certainly makes great music, and provides good headphone and phono all in one elegant box.


Glad you’re all enjoying the quality of your NAIT XS3’s :+1: If you already haven’t done so then please try and hear NAIT XS3 with a Hi-CAP DR. Hi-CAP DR seriously elevates the performance of the NAIT XS3 to another level :slightly_smiling_face:

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