🐤 Happy Easter to All

:baby_chick: Happy Easter to All of You…

• Easter-picture from Boden,.my hometown.

• Keep distance to each other,.important in these times.
You can still have a good time together.

• And take care of each other.
And give an extra thought to everyone who works in health-care during this Easter.



Just an observation Peder, but given the religious significance for many, the festival is not necessarily a happy one across all days, at least until the resurrection/ascension of Christ.

I only mention this as I once wished a devoutly religious colleague a happy Easter and his reply indicated solemn days and contemplation in the earlier part of the Triduum.

All said and done I have always found Easter to be a special time of rememberance which should inspire us all.

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Yes, best wishes to all for what for many of us will be the weirdest Easter ever (and double bank holiday in UK).

Keep safe and stay well!


A very different Easter, but hope all have a happy and safe holiday weekend at home. :+1:


Happy Easter everyone, and keep safe.

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Off course, the irony is a beauty to behold. Roll on Sunday.

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And roll the stone away on Monday.


:baby_chick: After a wonderful day,.together with my friend,but in self-isolation.

• As you can see,.it was a bit skiing,before we shall have some food,in the cabin that we are in.

• We saw these in the sky just now :sunglasses:.

Happy Easter…
/Peder :baby_chick:

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Happy Easter.
Had some hot cross buns for breakfast.

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Indeed - today is Good Friday which is the polar opposite in tone and feeling to Easter, which is/starts on Sunday. It’s a bit like wishing someone Happy New Year on December 30th.

That said, I’m happy to mentally interpolate an implied future tense when I get wished a slightly premature Happy Easter.


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Avoiding politics in line with forum rules and reporting this purely verbatim, the potus has today tweeted ‘HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY ALL!!!’

Clueless, unaware, inept. A lot of flak has been heading his way since this blunder.

Baba Yaga?

:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…And that means…??


The old women flying in the sky…on your picture. You don’t name it like that in Sweden?
Because I thought it was a bit universal name ( same in France, Italy, Poland, Russia…)


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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…Now I understand :sweat_smile: :rofl:.

In Sweden,.her name is “Påskkärring”,there is no English word for it.
The closest you can translate that swedish word with is “Easter-Lady”,.but it doesn’t get quite right.


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Wesołych świat ! ( in polish)


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It might translate as Easter witch (pääsiäisnoita or påskhäxa in Finland).

It’s once again time for our special seasonal dessert.

Happy Easter everyone!


Have a good Easter everyone. Keep safe.


We are of course during Passover

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Happy Easter!
Stay healthy!