Happy NewYear To All

Despite the bickering and friction sometimes, me included, its time for a genuine HNY to all on here whatever our differences.

All the best in 2021


:champagne: :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:


And to you, we’re not there yet, but it won’t be long:)

I don’t agree. There are some people on here who I wouldn’t wish HNY to if I worked with them, and I now have an addition to that list of people off my Christmnas Card list. Blandly repeating Happy New Year is as meaningful as threads [here & elsewhere] that consist of nothing more than RIP when somebody famous has died.

If it’s all the same to you Martin I’ll keep my wishes for those that I feel warrant it, not a blunderbus approach to all & sundry. :slight_smile:

Nb: this post is to be read with a bit of a smile and absolutely no anger. It’s a comment, from my own perspective. :slight_smile:

Just coming up to the start of the New Year on the other side of the world as I post this, originally in the Cafe thread but belongs here too:

2020 has been a year we could have done without. But hopefully despite much bleakness, and worse for some, there will have been points of light to help balance out memories.

The opening of the New Year will be stark fo many, with cancellation of fireworks and parties and even visiting of friends, I wonder how the TV stations will deal with it, without the things to put on - though perhaps some countries will have fireworks(?). Thank goodness for the modern videocalling/conferencing tools like Facetime and Zoom, enabling virtual meetings and even parties!

Best wishes to all for a good year to come, happy and above all healthy, loved ones included - hopefully the vaccines will be taken up widely and bring an end to COVID ruling our lives, though I guess it will take a good proportion of the year before we start to glimpse the end of it.

(And with reference to the post above this, as I don’t bear grudges against people my sentiments do apply to all -and that includes some individuals who have contributed to the awful state of the UK or elsewhere - I don’t wish them ill, but just don’t want them to remain in any position of power or influence.)


There are people on here who have doubtless set me to ignore and vice verse but we’re alive in extraordinary times and the idea that there are human beings you simply wouldn’t wish the best to at the present time is beyond me. There are certainly people I work with whom I think are lazy, unprofessional and I wouldn’t converse with given the choice. I am quite comfortable wishing them the best of what they wish for themselves.

So, with that in mind, I hope you all continue to love your music and love the system which delivers it to you and continue to share that love with all (well, most :)) of us here. Happy New Year folks to you and yours. Keep safe and well.


Happy New Year to everyone here, as I’ve said on other threads this site remains in the main a haven of civilised conversation and nice people. Thanks all for being around in 2020, a year when that was more important than ever.
Let’s hope 2021 is a massive improvement on 2020.


Tae aw youse punters oan here … aw ra best furra New Year! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Thank you Martinzero.Same to you and all the Forum.
Buon anno!!!


A very safe and happy New Year to all.
Let’s hope it’s a far better one. Many thanks to all for making this a great forum.


Happy New Year. Best wishes to everyone.
Goodbye 2020. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


Best wishes to all for 2021, lets face it it can’t be much worse than 2020!

Also a big thank you to naim for this forum for (mostly) convivial discussion and for the brilliant sounding gear that most of us use!



Happy New Year to ALL forumites and their familiies.

I think it is a little sad that some wish to ‘limit’ their best wishes. If there was ever a time when we should be generous towards, and supportive of others, now is that time.

It has been a sh1t year and I hope next year will be better for everyone.


Here’s to a better year ahead for one and all. Long may the tinkering and discussions continue!


I agree Nigel, a little more goodwill would be appropriate, we have all had far to much crap to deal with this year!



Best wishes for 2021, gotta be better, surely🤞🏽


Unbelievable post considering the year we’ve all been through, but anyway, despite the grumpy old gits it’s a Happy New Year to all from a very quiet Dublin.


Happy New Year

May your power supplies’ fuses never blow, may you find even more magic locked into music, and may we all sneak through under the radar and arrive in 2022!


A happy new year to those who have already passed the date line, and ofcourse to all who are nearing it!

Let’s make 2021 a lot more joyous than what 2020 brought us.


A happy new year to one and all, Lang may yer Lum reek.


Best wishes to all on the Forum (including your families and friends) for a happy and healthy New Year.

I think we shall all have to play our part in overcoming this virus and that will include persuading others to play their part too. For the most part, I find this place and the participants provide a real morale boost. Here’s to wishing us all … success.