Harbeth change

This may or may not be new news and not sure how much interest their is. Since I’m a fan of Harbeth
(have been using m30.1 for several years now). I just found out that Harbeth has added a new engineer to their staff - Terry Miles, apparently he has been at spendor for many years. Wouldn’t expect any changes to product line in the near future, but it might cause some re-think at some point.

Terry has been at Spendor for 40 years, he might of wanted a “ slower pace “ to ease into retirement…
Ok I’ll get my coat now.


If he had anything to do with the new Spendor 9.2 it certainly wouldn’t make me walk away from Harbeth. I recently took delivery of the 9.2s and their very good indeed and very well made to.


More interesting might be who’s replacing him at Spendor?

The Classic 4/5 has also picked up a very good review in HiFi Choice and looks a lot easier to drive than the P3 ESR

If I am not mistaken Spendor make the Harbeth cabinets ?

For the increased price of the 40s you can hire a lot of skilled people :sunglasses: :man_shrugging:

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Thats what I heard. The make cabinets for others two.

And oh those cabinets :pray: My Tannoy Eaton Legacy to my ears are better than my SHL5 Plus but the Harbeth cabinets are far more eye catching. The Tannoys veneer looks like IKEA in comparison.

Vinyl covering Sir?

There are veneer and there are veneer. The veneer Harbeth use (and most likely Spendor then) is high class IMO.

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I agree there - the D9.2 is very well veneered - oak in my case.

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Same with the D7. I have the pretty rare Rosewood and it is gorgeous.
I just switched from Harbeth after many years of being in my main system in one form or another.

Way back in the day my dream system was Linn Sondek, Naim electronics and Spendor speakers.

Spendors were late arrivals but seem to go very well with Linn and Naim - all British too and I’m a little old fashioned like that - even the speakers are only made some 35 miles away!

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Have the eucalyptus, gorgeous on my P3ESR

I didn’t get along with the flat frequency response on the 5s. Spendor target the same or is it likely to think a new generation of sound signature to come from Harbeth now.

I have the rosewood M30.1 (bought used but exactly what I wanted) and think they did a stunning job on the cabinets. In some ways, wish I had an old tandberg receiver to pair it with. Most of them had rosewood side panels, at least my cassette tcd-340 still has the rosewood end caps.

I’ll admit I am a fan of Rosewood on speakers. My former 7ES3s were of this wood species and they were stunning. Just excellent craftsmanship. The implementation is of equal quality on the Spendors, too.
To @Ian2001, I have the same for my office.

Same goes for predecessor D9. Excellent speakers.

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