Harbeth P3ESR Speakers

Hi guys - Help required. Has anyone got experience of the above (£1900) as compared to the 40th edition version (an extra £500). also how do they compare with the ProAc DT8 floor standers at £2000. Really appreciate some feedback as I’ve got to make the decision in a couple of days. Thanks

Can’t speak to the ProAc’s; but the 40th Anniversary model of the P3 has more detail than the standard. It’s worth the extra money.

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Haven’t heard them, but would love to. With Harbeth all the 40th anniversary editions have been a nice step up from the standard editions. Better binding posts, exclusive veneers, changes to the crossover circuits etc. The other point is that back when they did their 30th anniversary special editions, the new
subsequent models inherited the changes. So it’s a bit of future proofing to buy the special editions in my opinion.

I have the P3s plugged into an Atom but not compared them to anything you mentioned.
All I can say is I’m more than happy with them.

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I have had both variants of P3, both anniversary spec and, some time ago, the standard version of the latest iteration. I sold mine 40th spec versions as they seem, to my ears, to have a boost to the upper mids that i couldn’t live with. I had 30.1s prior to these, and they were fabulous, and now have SHL5 plus which is also lovely. i prefer the standard spec one but it’s room and preference dependent.

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Apologies for the late reply. I have the 40th anniversary P3 and used to own the standard version. In terms of performance they are very close, though the 40th anniversary model has the slight edge in the bass and appears to me to be less equipment-fussy.

Not much wrong with the original though…as for whether it’s worth paying the extra money for the special trappings, well, I guess that’s up to each individual.

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I auditioned both. Couldn’t hear any appreciable difference so I got the regular ones.

I also have heard both, the anniversary models look nicer, but I settled for the eucalyptus and dedicated HiFi racks… Really nice with acoustic

I changed from the standard P3esr to the Anniversaries and for me the uplift was quite significant - more resolving, cleaner bass, more immediate … no downsides for me. In a few weeks I’m moving my main system down from another house so will see how they sound on the end of 500 series … fabulous I suspect


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