Harbeth SHL5 with Wharfedale Linton Stands. Win!

So…I needed stands for my new 'beths, and the std ones from Anchor and Tronager (SP?) are expensive…so thought Id try this. The Wharfedale Lintons are very close in footprint to the SHL5’s. In fact, they are exactyl as deep as the SHL5 is wide…to the mm. So - these Linton stands at $300 (USD) are a great cheap alternative - they look great and are heavy too! See pics. Ultimately 8mm too wide for the Beths, but I can live with that! Come with nice floor spikes too…
…anyway. If anyone was also wondering about this match…here’s the answer!


That’s a bargain

They look great Plank!

There is a slight noticeable step out, but as you say for 300, I would take them too.

Out of curiosity, can you post up a picture of the top of the stand so we can see the area where they sit on. Are you using anything between the speaker base and the stand?

What I do like about the SHL5’s is that they stand noble and proud, very nice looking speaker with the grills off.

Some extra pics of the supplied spikes(which are solid) and the tops. My speakers are on small rubber stops that came with the stands.

Also, with money saved I got a set of speaker isolating pads from isoaccoustics.

Really happy with this set up. Looks great. Even wife is happy!


Looks very nice and at a reasonable price. I have M30.1 on cast iron folding frame bookcase or planter stand from the container store. They only touch the top shelf although there is a raised rail around 3 sides and an open 4th side (front). To further protect the bottom of the speaker , I have a (in this case) perfectly fitting silicone kitchen mat between the shelf and the speaker . Inexpensive and no chance of hurting the bottom veneer.

I ordered the same feet but as an open box item. The 8m threads were missing, but I contacted the store and they are to be sent. I ordered two sets of the carpet spikes from another shop and both arrived today. My only concern now (besides getting the speakers and stands) is the carpet spikes are fairly long spikes and it is a fairly thin carpet and liner - time for the rubber mallet, I guess.

Is there a difference in sound quality when the standard spikes on the stands are replaced with Isoacoustics Gaia 3.

Nice speakers by the way. The stands match the Harbeth to a tee.

Bass is tighter. These are big speakers in my space and I was hearing some wooly notes occasionally. Id say its a noticeable upgrade.

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Very nice Plank.

Do you also have the legs filled? If not that would also be a cheap addition to improving sound.

…and of course, you get a couple of chopping boards free. Bonus! :+1:t3:

All that wood works very well together, nice flooring too.

Liking the value, although I suspect that the Gaia feet offset rather.

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