Hard disk, SD Card problem


on my uniti star there is an external hard drive on which i have ripped my cd’s over the star. on the star and also on my nova, all albums are available via the server function. even if i have disconnected the device or removed the hard drive, the music collection is immediately available with the metadata via server function.

now i have saved the data on an sd card and on a hard drive. If I now connect this to the uniti nova, the device needs over 1 hour until all 350 albums are available via the server function. so far so good, if it were unique. if i take the nova from the power supply, i then have to unplug the hard drive or sd card and plug it in and it takes over 1 hour again.

is that normal? It’s not like that with the star.

If you remove the storage device from the Nova, it’s normal for it to rescan the drive when you reconnect it. An hour to complete the rescan seems very slow, I wouldn’t expect it to take so long.

The card is a new SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB SDXC memory card up to 170 MB / s. the 340 albums take up about half of the storage space. the rescan also takes place when i go out of standby and that is a restriction.

When you have a USB drive attached, it remains mounted on the Nova even if you put it into ‘network standby’ mode and shouldn’t need to be rescanned when you wake the streamer. In ‘deep sleep’ mode it will be powered down so would need to rescan the files when switched on.
I haven’t tried this with an SD card, but assume it would be the same.

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