Hard-wired = No Naim App?

I’ve been having trouble playing hi-res files over wi-fi, so decided to stick an Ethernet cable into the ND5 XS, only to find that the Naim app then doesn’t work, because wi-fi gets switched off … or am I missing something?

The app should work normally by cable (usually better in fact than with the streamer connected by wifi). I thought you were already sorted after using the correct app as per one of your other threads? This one:

And this one:

Or not?

Do you have a manual, good idea to get one if not.
How to set up the wireless or ethernet connection is quite clear & it looks like the answer to your question is covered …
2.10.3 Network Settings
The NDX/5XS is set up when originally shipped not to require any on-site TCP/IP configuration but to connect to a network automatically (it uses DHCP by default). However, if your NDX/5XS has been previously used, its network configuration may have been altered leaving it unable to connect automatically. If this appears to be the case ensure that DHCP is selected in the Network Settings menu (see Section 4.5 of this manual) and re-start NDX/5XS. If problems still persist contact your retailer, installer or Naim Audio directly.
Note: Before reporting network connection problems carry out a Factory Reset operation. Select Reset All Settings from the Factory Settings setup menu. See Section 4.10.
Note: A NDX/5XS switched on without a working wired network connection will only be able to connect to a home network wirelessly. To use an Ethernet (wired) connection, switch the NDX/5XS off, connect the network and switch it on again.

I’m using the Naim app, now, the confusion arose from the manual always referring to the n-Stream app.

Under Network Settings, with Ethernet, I get:

Wireless: Not Used-Wired
Status: Connected

Then, in the Naim app on the iPhone, I get "No rooms found’

Turn off ND5, unplug Ethernet, turn ND5 back on – there it is in the app, under ‘Rooms’.

I should have stated that the Ethernet connection is to the Mac Mini running the MinimServer, not to the router.

All devices should be connected to your router, either directly or via a switch. Never connect devices directly to each other.


I got the thing with the n-serve, I just thought that in the second thread that I linked, things had started working after you switched to the new app.

But on second reading, apparently this was with wifi, not wired

The network settings that you listed look fine. However, as @ChrisSU wrote, everything should be connected to the router (or a switch that is connected to the router), and not with each other

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Here are the x2 options for basic network connection.

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Looks like I’m going to have to get my drill out, then…

Not necessarily

Get yourself a good wifi mesh system like orbi, and place a satellite within cabling distance of the ND5 XS.

That’s what I did for my ND5 XS and I’ve had no problems whatsoever with network connections or drop outs since.

I’ve got a mesh system, and I’ve got a spare satellite lying around…

Don’t bother with trying to use wi-fi on the ND5 XS then. Grab that spare satellite and Bob’s your uncle.

If you have any problems connecting, do a factory reset on the ND5 XS and try again.

The only times the Naim app can’t find the ND5 XS is if the router has been rebooted. Switching the ND5 XS off and back on and waiting a minute or so for it to reconnect solves that issue.

(Just to be clear - your spare satellite does have a spare Ethernet port on it, right? So that you can run a standard Ethernet cable from it to the ND5 XS.)

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Yes, I’ve done that: satellite is connected to the network, showing connection as ‘Excellent’. Plugged via Ethernet into the ND5 XS, restarted ND5, and… still getting drop-outs, even on 16-44s. Yesterday, it was only hi-res files that were dropping out…

I’ll try restarting the router…

Restarting the router seems to have done the trick… :+1:

Playing 24-96s without dropping, too – thanks for the tip, znai!

Still want to re-site the router and get some hard-wired goodness going…

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OK, have been away for a bit…

In Mike B’s schematics above, could the NAS be my Mac Mini, since it’s running MinimServer?

Yes … any home computer that can load Minimserver or Asset UPnP or similar DLNA compatible server

Thanks, Mike –

I’ve tried it, and I can see my ND5 in and access everything through the Naim app, but nothing will play: I keep getting ‘Can’t Play’ / ‘Skipped Track’ messages… any ideas?

Sorry Tim, I’ve not done it myself, but I know someone who has with Asset.
Maybe the Minimserver forum guru’s can help.

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Thanks – it doesn’t seem to be a MinimServer issue: I’m basically back to my original problem. With the Mac Mini and ND5 hardwired as in the left-hand schematic, I can play tracks no problem using the ND5’s transport controls, but the Naim app can’t find any rooms. I’m sure I must be missing something really obvious: (both the ND5 and my iPhone are on the same wireless network)…

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