Hardware bricked by software update question?

So having an actual issue but prefer to keep this neutral as i think it raises an interesting dilemma.

Your hardware is outside its warranty, but your device still recieves software updates, thanks to proactive manufacturers.

So a software update outside your hardware warranty bricks your device during the update process.


  1. Who is liable, to fix and who should pay?
  2. Will this discourage manufacturers?

I ha a similar issue with a macbook pro, they rolled an update out and it bricked my battery pretty much. It required, new battery, keyboard, backlight, trackpad (all one piece) it was two years out of warranty. they quoted me a price to fix it, after i explained about the update they did it with no charge straight away.


At the best it will be covered on goodwill. Depends on the company and how they value happy long term customers. Being able to brick products today IMO means bad design.


…depends if the influencing decision maker in the design is from accounting or engineering. …or even customer demanding product performs at a level which was not in the original design specifications.

I would assume any device out of warranty is not going to be covered by a manufacturer if a software update ‘bricks’ it. You roll the dice and take your chances at some point old hardware will not be able to support new software updates.

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Hoping ao.

Also a valid point but without a liability disclaimer…

I suppose as @Damien0 mentions even a Macbook.

Extend that to most mobiles, now get upto 3 major updates, i would say at least 1 is outside a warranty period.

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