Has Adobe started 'gamification' at its support community pages?

Got an odd email the other day purporting to be from Adobe:

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 18.16.24

I can’t honestly ever recall participating there but the “Congratulations NAME!” is plausible and it’s an email address I used for LR Classic purchases.

Logged into adobe not via email links. There were 2 icons to click in the ‘community’ which then congratulated me with badges for 1st post and reply. It says I’ve made 4 posts, but I can’t find any.

All odd, I’ve not visited them for a while after they tricked me into a Creative Cloud option when I wanted to upgrade LR Classic.

Seems I have a licence for LR 5 still but can’t download an installer from them. Grr!


Seems to be a strong argument for not playing Abobe’s subscription ‘game’… :thinking:

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If you ask me, forward it to their Customer service team, and ask them what are these 4 entries of yours. It may just be a programming hitch

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Good idea.

It’s possible I had a forum moan about them transferring me to creative cloud which prevented me from upgrading to Lightroom 6 - maybe I made a few posts years ago and they’ve revamped forum software with old posts disappearing (or deleted).

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