Has anyone actually heard a pair of Neat Petite Classic speakers

I’ve read a couple of reviews but was wondering if anyone on this forum has actually auditioned or bought them and what are their thoughts. I’d be matching with a SN2. Thanks

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The search function give 48 results, so too many to try and copy here

The classic is a very new model, I’m not sure many have actually heard it other than magazine reviewers. @Bevo has the limited/anniversary/30 model IIRC, which are supposed to be very similar, not sure if they’ve heard the classic version though.

The Neat website itself hasn’t had the model advertised for long.

48 results might include the original Neat Petite, but I’d be surprised if there were that many posts about the newly released classic… 9 results, including this thread :wink:

I’d love to hear these speakers the av forums review make them seem brilliant.

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