Has anyone gone from a CB250 set up to a later one box?

Let the study kit go Bruss - too much for that area

My thoughts would be in the area of Atom, Core etc . In a smallish area I have the Core, Nait 2 , Dac and naim nsat speakers . Works a treat

Rationalise study first and then main system front end .

I know what you mean though re CB gear , lots of sentiment around it as I too not sure if I could ever part with 32.5/hicap/250

Yes that is the path I have pretty much decided that I want, but until Amazon is native on Naim it will wait. My dilemma is whether to go Auralic or stay with the ‘poor’ source of Node and Qutest until and if Naim get an Amazon integration.

LOL. I laugh because I started with my Nait2 and Kans in the study (now in a bedroom).

I’ve owned a 282 with a 200, 250, 250-2 and a 250 DR and now own a Supernait 2 and though it’s from memory I can’t remember any of those combinations wiping the floor with a Supernait.

I could have a 282/250 if I wanted to but I choose to own a Supernait not because I think it’s better but because I’m just happy with it though do intend on adding a Hicap DR next year.


Have you any more Naim kit that you are not telling us about, that should be included in your thread?!!


LOL, its all listed in my profile.

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Have they been serviced. I’m really surprised by the remark about the curtain over the speakers. I love what my recently serviced NAC42N and NAP110 are doing with a good source and budget speakers. If not get it serviced and checked.
I also tried them with the SL2 and they were certainly no slouch. A warmer sound of course which in some ways I preferred to the reference series sound.

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All CB kit is serviced recently. ^^^

What is the source you are using?
Ok I’m very surprised nonetheless. I would think a 32.5(HC) plus 250 is very good in the right setting/setup

It’s in Bruss’s profile. The second system is like a reverse sh1t sandwich: inadequate source, great amp and dreadful speakers.

Ok but there are 6 different systems in there. Unfair comparison with the first two obviously. I have never heard spendor speakers.
You mean the more bread you have the less $#!^ you have to eat…

:joy: Don’t beat about the bush.

I believe the question is around what to do with the second system. With a houseful of hifi it should be possible to come up with something.

Yes… sell the chrome bumpers for someone else to enjoy :smiley:

It is only HH’s helpful comments that keep me coming back to this forum.


Sorry I must clearly be missing something here :open_mouth:

In this case they are true though. Those speakers are fit only for the skip. A Supernait 3, some decent but modest speakers and some really good sources make a simple but excellent system. That’s what I’ve found with mine anyway. You can free up a load of cash, and probably end up with something more enjoyable than you have now.

Sorry but that was my point. With a very good source and half decent speakers setup with the 32.5 plus hicap plus 250 in a nice room should sound absolutely brilliant No? Especially since it has had a recent service

Unfortunately I don’t agree about the speakers. I am not averse to replacing them, but they are so much better than skip material. I also don’t agree about the source. They could be better in the study but I am happy to work with the p3/hanna as I already have it. The Node and Qutest is a hard to beat combination. Of course I could replace everything at any level but the question remains. How does the CB compare to the SN2 or SN3.

Indeed, it should sound great. Think back to the classic Linn, 32.5/250 and Kans setup.

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