Has anyone had their weekly Qobuz email this week?

Odd, I normally get two on a Friday.

Yep just got mine this morning (Saturday), they are a bit inconsistent though.

I hardly ever get one….

Never get one.

Arrived 30 minutes or so ago.

Never get them.

Got one yesterday and another this morning.

You’ve obviously got @Alley_Cat ’s

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What weekly Qobuz email😀

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Mine came 07.30 today.

These normally come on a Friday so I found it a bit odd and hoped they weren’t ‘in difficulty’.

The Friday emails generally promote new releases or sales. I usually get two at different times of the day, which are similar but subtly different - odd as I’ve only ever had one account with them using the same email address.

I don’t get one regularly it seems very hit and miss.

I never get one, I do get a summary mail from Tidal and it highlights which artists I’ve contributed to and how much they got paid, which is nice.

Like the others. Got mine this morning and do get it weekly

Recently cancelled Tidal. That monthly email with top played made me realise I’d only played around 40 tracks. Being able to compare albums on Qobuz vs Tidal was a luxury I really can’t justify anymore cost wise.

Oddly, I just started listening to some stuff on the Nova then realised it was streaming from Tidal despite me not renewing last month. Very odd in fact, must check I wasn’t charged.

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Me too, as usual.

Ah, I should have opened the Qobuz emails. The one received yesterday encouraged me to switch to Duo. The one that arrived this morning is the weekly summary of new releases.

Yes. Deleted it as soon as it arrives as usual.

I spend more time deleting promotional emails than reading important ones which are often hidden by the ‘noise’!


Generally speaking I have a very limited number of email lists to which I subscribe. It has never occurred to me to do anything other than unsubscribe immediately to the Qobuz and Tidal ones. Every Friday evenings I open up my Innuos Sense app and gave a very pleasant 10 minutes browsing the lists of new releases from both. It’s my modern day equivalent of a weekly browse in my local record shop but a lot more focused and not involving travel or extra expenditure.

Is there something else essential which the emails provide that I’m maybe missing out on?

@Clive @Alley_Cat you know that you can click the cancel link or manage email notifications in the Qobuz account profile?

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