Has anyone heard the new Crimson E4

I have had Naim and it’s still one of the few profucts that has pace rhythm and timing. But
I found a used Crimson 640 series 3E and have
To admit it has has the same pace rhythm and
timing as my 112 High cap and 250 but has more
depth and a lot of power. I here there’s a new 640
E4 and have heard very good things about it. But
does anyone know about this amp. It’s been a good
year and music is my drug of choice. And I now am
using the 640 series 3E instead of my 250 it’s just
has so much more information. My philosophy is
the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.
Happy listening

Before thinking of swapping the power amps to the updated model, I’d be looking at a much better preamp. The 112 is possibly the least good preamp that Naim have ever made. As you have a Hicap you could get an 82 or 282, or possibly Crimson’s own 710 for the matching set.

Thanks I borrowed a friends 710 and boy where
you right it’s truly now makes the 640s realky
Open up. Now I am in a real quandary Crimson
has a new Power amp bug bucks it’s called the
880 and a producer I know bought one and said
It’s the best power amp he’s ever heard and dies things he’s never heard any power amp do. Now
I had a very good year but it’s a lot of money. But
since I don’t drink or do drugs music is my drug of
choice. Now to see if I can get my wife to agree
she pretty good about my love of music. But I will
never sell my 250 to many good times. But the 710
is beyond what I have ever heard and I am a musician. Guitar and the Crimson is the closet yet
to my guitars. Thanks for your great information.
Keep on listening and I will cross my fingers she
wont freak out about the 880 or It looks like I will
be buying the 640 E4 from Scotland but I really
want the 880 and it’s not that bad price wise.
Thanks again

Bit the bullet bought a 640 E4 but ordered an 880
Like I wrote music is my drug the E4s are truly
amazing moron blocks truly destroy everything
I have heard. Still love my Naim but The Crimson
710 and 640 E 4 really have the timing and pace
that most amps don’t have. But the 880s this was
a hard one to get by the wife. But she agreed without a whole bunch of her saying no. This amp
Is back ordered so I figured the E4 would keep me
happy well it blows the pants off my Naim and my
Crimson series 3E . Will keep you posted when the
880 arrives. Now I am a very happy camper
Keep enjoying your music

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