Has Anyone Here Tried One Of This..Acoustic Revive LAN-Isolator.❓


Personally,…I don’t believe in putting extra things into the signal chain.
But these from Acoustic Revive are written a lot about in Sweden right now.
But I’m skeptical.!

Has anyone here tried these,…or something similar.
It costs £ 295:-


I’ve tried (borrowed) one & it not do anything positive that I could hear & for sure not the ‘amazing’ improvements that are claimed.
I fitted it to both the streamer & NAS ethernet branches, the result was negative. I also tried it on the router to switch branch & it did seem to do something positive, hard to say it was anything much, maybe it cleaned up some noise on the router.
Question was value for money, £200(GBP) no thanks.

:small_blue_diamond: Mike-B,…Thanks for your reply.

I suspected it,…it’s a guy in Gothenburg with NDS,555,552,500,SBL who has this Acoustic Revive LAN-Isolator,and says it is so good.

But as I said I’m skeptical,…with your answer Mike-B so seems my feeling towards like this products to be right…
Unless someone else here has another experience with this product.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

Your guy in Goteborg should consider why it’s so good on his system - assuming it is.

A LAN can be affected by noise from other devices on line & also the internet (phone) line via the broadband hub.
I have no doubt the AR RLI-1 will reduce/suppress/eliminate this noise, but if the noise is already very low, what can it do.
The RLI-1 is a galvanic isolator; all the LAN ports on the system are already galvanically isolated, in my case this is on NDX, switch, BB hub & NAS, why add another?
Maybe why the RLI-1 I tested on my system didn’t do much was because I have already taken quite a lot of care with reducing ethernet noise.
Lets hear what other forumites have to say, & I’m already expecting a mix of both positive & negative.

:small_blue_diamond: Mike-B,…I totally agree with you,in everything you write.

And,…extra galvanic isolators,I am almost allergic to :grin:.
But as you write,it will be interesting to see what other on this Forum have for experience,perception.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

Did anyone read some of the comments out there about these devices where a lot of them for sale on ebay are actually fake? Just a warning.

This information below can be read on a well-known Swedish Hifi-Stores website.

Wonder how many people who buy this after reading the text.
And in Sweden it costs £295:-.

As Mike-B says,…It is better to look over their network than to buy these emergency solutions.
But others here on the forum may think differently.

This amazing product we searched up after reading an article about someone who tested a LAN Isolator for medical use in their hifi system.

In Laboratory environment,the conditions must be perfect for measurements and the like,not to be affected and therefore there are LAN isolators that are basically a small Separate-transformer
The one we read costs around £ 600:- but we still thought that we should probably test it,because streaming is something we ourselves use so much and the same applies to our customers.

For security would we looked at the Acoustic revives range,because we know that these Japanese people often have tweaks for hifi that not other manufacturers embraced,and of course they had a solution.
It cost considerably less than the medical option, but does the job even better.
See the images where the measurements show the difference.

If you stream music,this is a product you can’t do without!!!
For best effect, put it in your streamer, i.e. as close to the sound source as possible.
We have it in the shop,…it takes 5 minutes and everyone is amazed at how much difference it makes. A MUST!!

If you want to further elevate your streamed audio then insert an Acoustic revive RLT-1 Lan Terminator into your router.

:black_small_square:And more…:arrow_down_small::arrow_down_small:

"Network audio performance is significantly deteriorated due to the noise generated by network players, HUB, NAS, etc which goes back and forth through LAN cables.
Furthermore, invasion noise is also mixed in through the internet line which remarkably degrades the sound quality.

RLI-1 has succeeded in cutting the transmission noise to an extremely low level via the combination of an Isolation transformer and Choke coil for common-mode noise.
As you can see from the below measurement results, the noise-cut effect of RLI-1 is far superior to that of medical LAN isolators which are only based on isolation transformers.

In addition to this, by designing for the audiophile approach, RLI-1 does not generate side effects such as the feeling of energy loss and reduced dynamics which is not avoided when using LAN isolators for medical treatment, and in this reason, the more it increases the number of units, the more the effect increases without generating any negative side effects."


Sounds like a snake oil product to me.

i have tried one, before the nds, before the unitserve and between the router and switch. The last , after the router, was the best place for me. It gave more fluency and softness to the sound.
But after i bought 2 audioquest diamond ethernet cables and the acoustic revive had no impact, or perhaps so little that i choose not to keep it.

I tried one. Trailed it for 4 months in various locations. It sucked all the life out of the music. It made everything sound like muzak. I sold it for what I paid for it, so no harm done. Your results may vary.

Yes I tried it, and when between my switch and streamer (first generation) it took a hit to SQ taking the life out of the music as if my poor streamer was having to cope with increased load and it’s resultant interference from somewhere, also as the item is not powered I am not sure how compliant to the Ethernet physical specs it is… and to that end when I put between a switch and a Raspberry Pi it prevented the Pi Ethernet link coming up… best avoid… I think I have binned mine now in a tidy up.

It seems that this product shows the difference between the two schools within our hobby.

:black_small_square: We who listen to music,and strive to optimize the musical experience.

:black_small_square: Those who listen to Hifi,and strive for it to become “cleaner and clearer” with more details.

See this writing below,…be unsure if I can put it in here,Richard may remove it if it doesn’t fit in here.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I subscribe to a third option … which is realism and naturalness which combines detail and musicality… if you have to sacrifice one for the other then there is a deficiency in your replay system

:thinking: Well that’s the nature of engineering compromise for you! :wink:

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