Has Bluetooth come of age?

Just playing with settings on the 2i.
Neil Young Harvest played on Amazon app hires/ultrahd BT to the 2i sounds clearer and more defined than Harvest CD qual direct via the 2i app.

Using the current gen ipad for BT connection to the 2i.

Thanks. In the past I have been using aptx via android and it has been a better sq than apple BT implementation. This new to me ipad though has upped the BT game.
Sq is still much improved with wifi on a like for like basis though.

For all I know, Apple still limits the mobile devices to AAC over Bluetooth. Southern should not have been a change across the last decade, except that newer BT chipsets/revisions might improve data rate/stability between devices. Beyond that hey use AirPlay and don’t offer native „hires“ stuff; which within the mobile and convenience home stuff is likely fully okay.

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I use Bluetooth every day at work (machine shop) to stream Radio Paradise to my AirPod Pro’s. To me the sound is very good, and you can’t beat this setup for convenience. I can walk anywhere in the shop and the signal never cuts out…I love Bluetooth.

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I have a Kef Muo bluetooth speaker to use on holiday, and to be honest I can’t complain about the sound quality. For what it is, it sounds great. I’ve also heard the Cambrdige Yoyo M, same story. Having said that, I haven’t used it with my main system which might show up a few more deficiencies. But it’s an interesting thought that maybe it isn’t audible, I should perhaps try this sometime.

The main issue I have with bluetooth, is not sound quality. It’s the fact that it drains the battery, and as soon as the person who put the music on walks out of range the music turns off. This is the nice thing about Chromecast (and Airplay I presume), that playing is just handed over to the device and the device initiating it isn’t really involved anymore.

In my case, I just leave my iPad plugged into the wall on my computer desk at work. I am free to walk around the shop with no phone in my pocket, or cables hanging from my ears. From my work station, the front of our shop is about 200 feet I would guess, and the AirPods do not lose the signal there.

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Just for information: AirPlay is continuous stream from source to target. AirPlay 1 had about 2 seconds buffer, AirPlay 2 can use more (to be more robust and/or energy efficient; but only for local content obviously, streamed sources need to be relayed in real time).
Coverage can be larger than BT, this depends on the WiFi network.

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Source being the phone, or the “service”? I.e. can you turn the phone off and have play continue like with Chromecast?

No, source is the phone, tablet, Mac, … you initiate the stream from.
On the bright side, you can more or less stream „anything“, since the OS can redirect audio (or video) output from nearly any application running locally on the device.
Ah - and the playback devices have a signaling back-channel for e.g. volume and play/pause. (Depending on the device obviously, if it has input options for this and whether it has an integrated amplifier it controls.)

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Sony and Android LDAC, if configured correctly, has amazing reproduction for a BT based solution. TEAC streamers support LDAC.

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