Has you Uniti 'volume ring' yellowed?

May be imagining it but the lights on my Nova’s volume ring seem to have gone a bit yellow in recent months.

I may be imagining it of course.

Have two 2nd gen Qbs. Both about 4 years old.

The ring is not yellow. But both are in very dark rooms with no direct sunlight.

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This pretty much sums up us audiophiles.


Don’t worry, it’s still a big glowing knob.


Let’s not lead this thread into the gutter.

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Just took a closer look, the outer light is still a cool white light, it’s the segments which light up to indicate volume which to me seem warmer/yellower than in the past. Maybe it’s always been like that?

A bit blurred but this is what I’m seeing, in addition to lots of dust on the 2nd pic:

5 year old Nova and 3 year old QB1 still have bright white rings.

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If you call that lots of dust, I am in deep trouble.


Yellow ring?

How very dare you, Sir!


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