Have a bug infested Atom!

Well I got my first Naim produce about a week ago. Easy to set up and started listening to CDs and on Tidal. Worked well - for a few days! Now I find: Sometimes the display will not come on, but the music still comes from both sources.
Once, the display would not go off, when I put the atom into standby.
Today it worked fine for a while, and then went off and would not come back on. Had to pull the plug more than once and then it re-started.

I’m beginning to wish I had bought something else! (Like a NAD M10) Did I just get a lemon?

To cap it off, when I sent an email to Naim, I got a bounce back saying it was undeliverable as the box was full!! Perhaps they are getting a lot of emails like mine.

My opinion of Naim is sinking fast!

Something’s not right there! If a factory reset doesn’t sort it, I would get in touch with your dealer.

My concern is of course, that even if it works now for a while, how long before it decides to act up again? Intermittent and different sorts of faults are the worst kind of problem. I would prefer that it simply failed entirely. I suspect that if I take it back to the dealer, they will “test” it, declare nothing wrong, and want me to take it back. Buy it is certainly not user error.

Thinking about this while I watched TV (after putting it into standby mode), I got to thinking that this is perhaps not so much like a firmware problem as I had first suspected. Perhaps it is more likely to be a hardware issue. I live in Canada and we are having quite hot weather at the moment, about 32C with high humidity. Of course, I don’t have that in the house, but I do allow the indoors temperature to rise to say 24C to avoid the a/c being on all the time. I noticed before that the Atom is quite warm to the touch in these conditions, but much cooler in the morning when I get up after having the temperature much lower for sleeping.

Maybe, Naim stuff only works in a cold climate! :roll_eyes: Just speculations on my part.

I have had an Atom for 3-4 months now. I would not say that I experienced plain sailing. Certainly had a few irritating moments. I did notice that when people came round and shared wifi network sometimes it would misbehave. Something to do with IP addresses maybe? I don’t know. I got to the point where I was going to return as it would not play Internet Radio. I was going out of town for the day so decided to unplug and leave and try one more reboot and hardwire.

Long story short, since I have hardwired everything is working as it should. Response is also snappier. I have good internet speed 100mb.

Good luck! It’s a great piece of kit.

I have also had similar temperatures fluctuations, but don’t think it would make an effect like you are thinking.

I live in Aus (temps well over what you’re talking about) and although I wouldn’t say it’s been trouble free I haven’t had the same issues you’re experiencing. My screen sticks ever now and then. The other day it wouldn’t appear in the app and when it did it didn’t want to change function. But after disconnecting the power and plugging it back in all was good.

It’s more disappointing that you got a bounce back from Naim. I suggest you get your dealer involved, hopefully this thread might get some results. Good luck.

Screen freezes are common, had my fair share. I have also had it just lock up for no reason. Had it shoot to full volume twice with no way to stop it other than pull the plug. Mine also doesn’t like network cables being swapped either it causes it will cause it to crash. Had this on previous one I had that went back to Naim due bad sq after a firmware update.

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Cephas, Naim are aware that some users are experiencing screen freezing with the Atom. A reset should clear it, but there’s a proper fix with the next firmware update that’s currently in beta testing and due for release very soon.

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I have had my Atom for more than a year now (think it’s almost two actually) and had display issues in the past (with previous firmware versions) and long periods without any display issues (with previous and current firmware versions). Recently I had to unplug the Atom and after plugging it back in the display issue has happened several times since. Sometime it will just stay black in the morning, although it worked perfectly the evening before. I have not been able to identify any root cause, but it seems to be related to unplugging it from power. Besides that, nothing changed. So weird.

What I do is hold the power button for several seconds so it does a ‘soft reset’ without losing the setup (like with a factory reset) and that helps most of the time. Only had to do this two or three times in these two years, but still it is annoying for such a high-end product. I really hope the new firmware 3.5 will solve these issues.

When it works, it is a fantastic piece of hi-fi equipment!

Thanks all for your replies. It seems I am not alone. The most annoying thing is the inconsistency of the problem. As I say, sometimes the display locks up (blank) but the atom still plays music and switches sources in that condition, and sometimes the entire unit shuts down and does nothing. And once after I turned the atom off, the display stayed on (showing the internet radio station logo).

I will let my dealer know, so we get some history, but it doesn’t seem very useful for me to ask for an exchange if other Atoms are doing the same thing. Do the other uniti products have these problems? I was planning to add a Core, but that is on indefinite hold now.

I turned on the atom this morning and everything is working fine (of course!), but I’ll leave it for several hours and see what happens. The problems seem to occur when I am using the handset, but that may mean nothing. I tend to use the handset more than the app (on an iPad).

As I said, I am wondering if this is entirely firmware. I suspect a thermal issue with some part of the hardware design being marginal. If that is the case, the problem will be much harder to resolve. I appreciate that Pete_the_painter in Aus has much hotter temps to deal with than us Canuks, but you are inside right - with the air on? So perhaps not too different?

I really want to like this product. It normally sounds perfect, and looks great. But not knowing when it will go to its darker side is too much!

Humidity may play into this a bit. On the east coast of Canada it’s been warm and humid too. My Muso 1 acts strange on high humid days, if you touch the button wheel it will go bonkers for a bit, eventually coming back to life. No AC here as it’s not normally needed. I’m sure your problem may be more involved.

Interesting. I did wonder about the humidity as well. This morning it was 18C with humidity of 58% inside according to my HVAC. So it turned the up temp (before the a/c comes on) to 24C and opened the doors (it was already hot and humid outside). In about 2 minutes the humidity had climbed up to 78%, but the temperature only went up slowly. After closing the doors, the humidity went back down to 65% (due to air movement in the house) as the temperature is slowly climbing.

I will see how it does in the late afternoon when the inside temp and humidity will both be higher if I don’t reset anything.

Really guys I don’t think this has anything at all to do with ambient temperature and humidity. As Richard said earlier in the thread, there is a known issue that affects some units and it should be fixed when the next firmware upgrade is released, soon hopefully.



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I agree the atom has known screen issues and the new update hopefully will fix that. I was relating the issue I have with the muso in high humidity, it’s real, but not likely his entire problem. Sorry if I side tracked you @cephas

But why would it only “affects some units”? Surely all the units are running the same firmware (leaving out those on old versions)? So the only way some units could work differently to others would be a hardware design issue, as every unit is in fact slightly different from a hardware perspective due to tolerances of selected components. Now we all have slightly different electrical environments (power, connectors, wi-fi) as well, but I’m inclined to give less weight to that.

In the final analysis of course, a properly designed product should be insensitive to both physical environment and electrical environment.

I agree that actual moisture on a muso control knob could do all sorts of odd things, like if I get my iPhone screen wet, but I was meaning the issues with an Atom that the OP mentions.



I don’t know why, but anyway the issue affects only a relatively few units, which is why it wasn’t fixed at the outset.



So now I’m not entirely certain whether to return it to the dealer or not. Experience has taught me not to rely on the next delivery of firmware to fix problems, so if the problems continue with any frequency then back it goes.

Only you can decide that. Personally I would wait for the firmware which shouldn’t be long.



Mine just had the 100% volume bug again. I am not a happy camper.

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I know this isn’t a cure but it may be a temporary assist in avoiding speaker damage and abnormally high volumes. If you go into the settings and alter the max volume range to something like 50%, like I’ve done, if it goes haywire and up to 100 on the volume dial, at least it’s only half of max volume. Still pretty loud but not catastrophic and that is usually way loud enough anyway. I’ve never had the 100% volume problem on my Nova but I’ve experienced this on my Bose speaker in the kitchen when bluetooth was connected from a smartphone that was maxed out on volume. I’ve done this, as has one of my daughters and it is easily done, so I can see how it may have happened. Also, I suggest you go into the settings and disable the inputs you are not likely to use - the bluetooth has the option of open pairing, so this may cause unwanted connections with mobile devices if that has been left on.
I have also had an issue with Chromecast connecting when I didn’t want it to, but I think I’ve sorted that on my router by enabling a wireless access points feature that only allows permitted devices have wireless access, even if they have the password. Bit of a faff, I know, but a little bit of preparation seems to have prevented unwanted loss of control of my Nova, for now, at least.
Hope that helps.

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